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No matter the size of your organization, we can help you craft smart strategies and work toward fundraising success.
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When you're searching for your next leader, our consultants can help you place a visionary change maker.
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Your fundraising messaging should inspire, rally, and empower—and we can help you translate your mission into motivation. 
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Your data holds the key to strengthening donor relationships, and our team can work with you to harness that potential. 
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Built by fundraisers, Beam Insights transforms the way you raise money.

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A 360° Approach to Meet Your Goals and Move Your Mission Forward

At Campbell & Company, we offer a comprehensive suite of nonprofit services, allowing us to consider your challenges from every angle and craft customized, informed solutions. From fundraising strategy and messaging to analytics and your next standout leader, we have the tools and experience to help you create greater impact. 

Underlying all of our work is a shared focus on the Campbell & Company mission: to collaborate and innovate with people who change lives through philanthropic vision and action. 

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The Difference:

Our People and Deep Bench of Expertise

Our team is our greatest strength. We're proud of the passionate group of people that represents Campbell & Company and embodies our values: integrity, partnership, candor, inclusion, rigor, and creativity. 

From Chicago to Seattle, Washington, DC to Los Angeles, San Francisco to Portland and beyond, we couple national experience with local perspective and a broad range of subject matter expertise. 

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NWH - Campbell Company Success Story



“I always tell people I have the greatest new group of colleagues in my midst, because you have this unique ability to bring people together, and create this inclusive environment. We now have friends for life in Campbell & Company."

- Patricia Vogel, Director of Community Philanthropy

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Beautiful Moments

We are so proud to partner with organizations that change lives, moment by moment, through mission-driven work. Take a look through some of their beautiful moments.

Pacific Northwest Ballet

Pacific Northwest Ballet offers a Student Scholarship Program for students who want to pursue their passion for ballet. This program is incredibly influential and meaningful to the recipients who, as illustrated in this video, find community, develop their talents, and get to engage with professional ballet dancers that they aspire to be one day. The gift of studying dance and ballet is empowering to PNB’s students, and we are so proud of its initiative to create beautiful moments for aspiring young dancers.

San Francisco General Hospital Foundation

The San Francisco General Hospital Foundation provided a grant to the Hearing Aid Program for School-Age Children. Seven-year-old Angelica is one of the children who received a hearing aid as a result of the program. The program creates a one-stop-shop for children to have their hearing evaluated, obtain a hearing aid, and receive follow-up care. This program is part of the Foundation’s mission to promote excellence in research, education, and care for all. We are honored to work with the Foundation on its efforts provide quality care for all through programs like hearing aids for school-age children.

Start Early

Hilary is a doula for a home visiting program launched by Start Early (formerly known as the Ounce), an organization that advocates for and provides the highest-quality care and education for children from birth to age five. Hilary’s doula work is integrated as part of a young parent’s long-term involvement in a comprehensive home visiting program that can continue until the child reaches pre-K or kindergarten. Through this program, Hilary works primarily with first-time, teen parents to help them build strong parent-child bonds right from the beginning during pregnancy. Doulas provide weekly home visits to encourage prenatal care, offer ongoing support at the hospital during labor and delivery, and provide postpartum home visits for six to eight weeks. As they work together, mothers and doulas, like Hilary, forge incredible bonds that ultimately help young families establish the strongest start possible. We are proud to partner with Start Early and so happy to share a beautiful moment like this one.

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Major Giving During a Crisis: An Article Collection

If your organization is navigating a challenging situation, we know now more than ever is the time to lean on best practices. This collection shares strategies to help build relationships, leverage donor data, tweak donor communications, and retain high-performing fundraisers.

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