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Brand Messaging

Solidify your internal and external messaging to attract and engage supporters and donors

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Powerful messaging that drives philanthropy

Having strategic and brand-cohesive messaging that inspires action in support of your cause is critical to communicating your mission to internal and external supporters. Donors give their most significant gifts when they see a clear and compelling endpoint—when they understand that this is their best chance to make the world a better place tomorrow. It all begins with your story.

The Campbell & Company Communications Consulting team collaborates with you to uncover and express what inspires people to support your mission. We articulate your story through powerful messaging and branding and then help you share it with creative collateral, communications strategy, and message coaching.

One Brand. One Message.

Campbell & Company’s messaging strategy is the foundation of your campaign’s brand, which is fundamental to acquiring and retaining donors. Our structured and inclusive brand messaging process includes the following:


Conveying your organization’s brand value proposition to attract donors’ attention as they seek causes that align with their values.

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Conveying your organization’s distinctive attributes to help portray the characteristics of your fundraising campaign to reach your fundraising goals.

Creating compelling messaging that brings clarity, creativity, and discipline that inspires action.

Our Work

Every day, we work with organizations that change lives to capture and convey the power of their work—from education and healthcare to the arts, conservation, and human services. These are just a few of the clients we’ve been proud to partner with.

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Your Strategic and Trusted Partners

Our in-house experts will partner with you to create ideas, messages, and communications that tell your story, rally the support of your stakeholders, and empower your leaders to walk into the biggest donor conversations with confidence.

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Let Us Express Your Goals in Meaningful and Memorable Communications Today.

Nearly every project we lead begins with a focus on messaging—and there is nothing more exciting than getting this right.

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