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Database Review

Your data tells a story – but only if you can track and interpret it.

What You Get

Experts in all major CRM platforms.

Your CRM is far more than a place to house constituent information—it’s one of your organization’s most powerful fundraising tools. From tracking and managing donor contacts to reporting on essential metrics that inform and guide decision-making, your database works hard—but we can make it work better.

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Areas of Expertise

Database services ensure the CRM optimally supports fundraising and leadership has tools needed to manage the operation. Our services can give your organization the tools it needs to track, manage, and connect with stakeholders:

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Database Counsel

To assess, improve and train staff on all aspects of database functionality, from gift entry to relationship management.

Standard and Custom Reports and Dashboards

To promote transparency, accountability, and more effective database use.


Database Management

– in the interim or long term – to ensure data integrity and provide on-demand help.

Database must-haves

What functions do you need your database to perform?

Attendance. Giving. Donation tracking month over month. Action reports to detail outreach. Portfolio and pipeline reports. These are must-haves for your organization to understand your fundraising activity – and we can help implement the systems you need for greater functionality.

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Effective data management means effective fundraising.

Without effective data management, you miss out on insights that could lead to better understanding and, ultimately, better fundraising.

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Our SIS team can help you use data driven insights to drive problem solving by making sure staff have access to accurate information, teasing out critical insights and statistics, and conducting original research and analyses to make the right strategy clearer.

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Harness Your Data For Good.

Partner with data experts who know how to leverage the power of your data.

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