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Prospect Research

Prospect Research

Research to better understand your prospect pool and help it grow.

What You Get

Partners to help you get to know your donors.

Prospect research uncovers information on donors’ and prospects’ personal backgrounds, history of giving, wealth indicators, and philanthropic motivations, empowering you with the tools you need to maintain your relationships and build new ones.

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Areas of Expertise

Whether you’re working to build your donor base or seeking greater insight into your donors, our research process provides a comprehensive view of your key prospects and their capacity and interests.

Campbell & Company’s prospect research services help you build a strong pipeline of prospective donors through:

Prospect Identification

To find new prospective donors based on wealth, philanthropy, and other affinity variables.

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Prospect Qualification

To begin a two-way dialogue and validate the assets and interests of possible prospects.

Comprehensive Research Profiles

On individuals, corporations, or foundations.

Generate prospects. Refine your strategy. Elevate your fundraising.

Finding new prospects with interest in your mission saves your frontline fundraisers valuable time, resulting in smarter fundraising strategies for the future.

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Fill the gaps.

Your donors might move, experience a windfall event, or get married. Prospect research helps you clear outdated information and stay up to date on useful donor information.

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Our SIS team can help you use data driven insights to drive problem solving by making sure staff have access to accurate information, teasing out critical insights and statistics, and conducting original research and analyses to make the right strategy clearer.

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Harness Your Data For Good.

Partner with data experts who know how to leverage the power of your data.

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