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Measure how your fundraising team’s structure and outcomes stack up against your peers.

What You Get

Partners to help you understand trends in your sector.

Whether you’re looking to answer a specific question or examine emerging trends, benchmarking enables your organization to assess its strengths and areas for growth to determine what you’re doing well—and where you’re going next.

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Areas of Expertise

Benchmarking provides comparative information for organizational leaders who are interested in performance and metrics, through:

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Landscape Overview

High-level information about trends in the sector to compare your organization to a pre-selected cohort group of peers.

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Custom Benchmark

In-depth data collection and interviews with participating peer organizations to inform metrics for fundraising, staffing, budgeting, and more.

A chance to think bigger

Where should you go next?

Including a combination of peer and aspirant organizations can spur visionary thinking about what it will take to get to that next level. You can even consider including peers in other sectors and other regions to explore new possibilities.

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Our SIS team can help you use data driven insights to drive problem solving by making sure staff have access to accurate information, teasing out critical insights and statistics, and conducting original research and analyses to make the right strategy clearer.

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Harness Your Data For Good.

Partner with data experts who know how to leverage the power of your data.

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