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Customized surveys to speak directly with your community.

What You Get

Insightful analysis of what your constituents have to say.

Surveys are an effective way to collect and analyze information, pinpoint messaging that resonates with your core supporters, and shape strategy, vision, and policy that best reflects the needs and wishes of your community.

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Areas of Expertise

Whether it’s a small, targeted survey of your closest stakeholders or a large-scale, nationwide survey of supporters, surveys represent an important opportunity to engage your constituents and collect information you can translate directly into more compelling case messaging and effective cultivation strategies.

Campbell & Company’s survey services help you cast a wider net to effectively engage your constituents. Our surveys have different purposes depending on the target audience:

Internal Surveys

Targeted towards those closest to your mission – staff, Boards, committees, and volunteers – used to gather information about use of time, systems, collaboration across teams, strengths, pain points, and what resources they view are necessary in preparation for a campaign or other fundraising effort.


External Surveys

To engage a a broader group of stakeholders and gather information about how participants want to engage, what they value most about an organization, their interest in funding priorities, and their philanthropic motivations and involvement. In advance of fundraising iniatives, we often field stakeholder surveys to inform the direction of an organization’s mission, vision, and key brand messages.

Meeting your needs today to guide decision-making for the future.

Want community input on a strategic plan? Need responses to case messages? Have questions about internal staffing structure? User-friendly surveys get quick feedback on the topics most important to you.

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Our SIS team can help you use data driven insights to drive problem solving by making sure staff have access to accurate information, teasing out critical insights and statistics, and conducting original research and analyses to make the right strategy clearer.

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Harness Your Data For Good.

Partner with data experts who know how to leverage the power of your data.

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