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Time for Recognition Appreciation

New Leadership Announced at Campbell & Company

Peter Fissinger is becoming a Senior Advisor for Campbell & Company as Julia McGuire and Kate Roosevelt become Co-Presidents.

As we share this news with you, we are excited to see what lies ahead for our firm. With Peter’s leadership, we have driven through a recession and a pandemic, each time coming out stronger. We have reached new goals and set new precedents as he has guided the firm.

In the firm’s 45 years, this is the fifth time such a transition has taken place. It has been planned for years to ensure support and success.

Peter has uplifted Campbell & Company in partnering with nonprofits across the nation as they strongly work toward their missions. He will continue to provide guidance for our clients, share thought leadership, and serve as Chair of the Giving Institute, the national leading association of nonprofit consultants.

Julia and Kate have both dedicated 21 years to our firm, serving as Executive Vice Presidents since 2013, when Campbell & Company acquired Collins Group. They both have led pathways to new aspects of business. Both have extensive experience managing teams. They complement each other and find new ways to face challenges and develop ideas.

Peter, Julia, and Kate are all optimistic about what lies ahead for Campbell & Company. They see opportunities to grow, to share creative ideas, and to help further the missions of the many nonprofits with which they work.

As we experience this change, we continue to live by our mission: to advance the life-changing work of mission-driven organizations. We are who we are because of our values of belonging, collaboration, curiosity, and rigor.

We will continue to work with dedication toward a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible society. We are grateful to go forward in our mission as we work together creatively.

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