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Question of the Month – June

JUNE 2024

The Database Corner with Mike Furlong

We recently transitioned to Raiser’s Edge NXT from our self-hosted Raiser’s Edge and the reports in the Web View are not matching the Database View. Did I miss a setting or is there a trick to this?

The first thing I would recommend doing in this case is to check your settings for Received vs Committed Revenue. This is done in the Web View under ‘Control panel’, ‘Settings’ and then ‘Giving analysis’. This drives the data for all the reports generated in the Web View. Unlike in the Database View where you can choose your ‘Gift Types’ when creating reports the Web View defaults to wither Committed or Received revenue. In the system, Received is defined as “money in the door including any one-time gifts and payments” and Committed is defined as “the total amount given through one-time gifts and pledges”. If you’re able to adjust either report so that the Gift Types match your totals should also match. If that doesn’t do the trick, I would then suggest narrowing down the date range to a manageable number of gifts, this may be a week or a month depending on the number of gifts your organization receives. Do this on both reports and compare the gifts to see if you notice any that are appearing when you don’t expect them. This usually reveals a gift or two you weren’t expecting and with any luck, you’ll be able to update the report, or your settings, and get your reports to match. If you’re still having issues feel free to reach back out and we can set up a time to dig in a bit more.


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