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How to Harness Technology for Smarter Philanthropy

Embrace-Change.pngThe Chronicle of Philanthropy recently PUBLISH an article by our team, focusing on how nonprofits are embracing change and experimenting with technology—from donor analytics to social media and more.

“Technology will increasingly play an important role in philanthropy, explains Peter Fissinger, President & CEO of Campbell & Company. “By viewing it as an opportunity rather than a threat to the status quo, organizations can realize their full potential to advance their fundraising programs and their missions.”

Through expert insights from our team and conversations with representatives from The Nature Conservancy in Washington, Feeding America, and Rowan University, we developed five recommendations for using technology to optimize philanthropic efforts:

  1. Target the right prospects through the power of electronic screening and customized predictive modeling.
  2. Use your database to make fundraising projections and ask critical questions.
  3. Let the goal of your website guide its design and focus on user experience to create interactive, immersive webpages.
  4. Send out online surveys to pinpoint messaging that resonates with your core supporters.
  5. Adapt messaging to develop social media posts that drive awareness, influence, engagement, conversion, and retention.

As technology continues to reshape the way we build relationships and seek philanthropic support, Campbell & Company is committed to helping organizations effectively leverage new innovations. Read the article on the Chronicle of Philanthropy website for our full recommendations on smart, technology-driven fundraising.

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