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Decoding the Tech Donor: How to Engage the New Philanthropist

Tech-Donor-ReportTech donors—philanthropically-inclined individuals who work in the technology industry—are often considered to be an enormous opportunity for nonprofits with their business savvy, financial resources, and vast connections.

But the tech community can be elusive to fundraisers. Tech philanthropists come to the table with new ideas and expectations that charities are not sure they can meet. Can they satisfy the data requirements of tech donors? Can they dedicate resources to innovation? 

Download the study for tips, insights, and tactical tools.

To help demystify this community of supporters, we surveyed a panel of tech philanthropists, interviewed nonprofit leaders, and reviewed existing research. It’s important to note that while our research did uncover shared qualities that can guide your engagement strategy, every group is made up of unique individuals. 

Our hope is that this study offers a strategic path forward for nonprofits working to engage this uniquely positioned and motivated group of philanthropists. The study includes:

  • Characteristics of tech donors that set them apart
  • A discussion of their philanthropic maturity
  • Common philanthropic motivations of tech donors
  • Survey data from our panel of tech philanthropists
  • A proprietary maturity model to help gauge whether you’re prepared to cultivate tech donors
  • Proven engagement strategies
  • Definitions of terms commonly used by tech donors

For most nonprofits, engaging tech donors will take flexibility, creative thinking, and a departure from business as usual—but accommodating these philanthropists can be well worth the growing pains.  

If you’d like to learn more or discuss the research, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

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