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CDO Confidential: A Report on Recommendations for CDO Retention

CDOThe right fit between a Chief Development Officer and a nonprofit organization necessitates common goals, a shared vision, and open, consistent communication. In spite of these widely acknowledged truths, however, for the  last ten years many CDO tenures have become notably short-lived. 

Campbell & Company conducted a nationwide survey to examine the underlying causes of this trend. In follow-up webinars, breakfasts, and roundtable discussions, the Campbell & Company Executive Search team, along with 6 contributing past or present nonprofit CDOs, delved deeper into this phenomenon to better understand the factors that ultimately shape CDO job satisfaction. Based on these conversations, Campbell & Company has compiled a series of helpful strategies and tactics, sound bites from our discussions, and inserts with additional information to help guide both prospective and newly hired CDOs and the organizations seeking to hire and retain them.

For the complete report, click here.

Marian DeBerry
About Marian DeBerry Marian DeBerry has more than 35 years of professional experience, including over 20 years in executive search. While she has conducted searches in the public, private and...
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