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Donor-Advised Fund Frequently Asked Questions

Donor-Advised-Fund-FAQsDonor-advised funds. Fundraisers across the nonprofit sector see enormous opportunity in this increasingly popular giving vehicle, but many don’t feel confident in their knowledge of DAFs.

In recent months, we shared introductory information on donor-advised funds, we advised on how to engage DAF holders, and we hosted a webinar to explore the latest trends in donor-advised funds

During that webinar, our panelists received many insightful questions from the over 250 fundraising and nonprofit professionals in attendance. Our team compiled the most common questions and shared quick answers to help fundraisers understand DAFs and incorporate them into development strategies. 

Download donor-advised fund FAQs.

In all, we answered 14 questions, including:

  • When you send DAF fund holders an appeal, should the message and reply copy mention the DAF?
  • How do you advise donors who want to make multi-year gift intentions from their DAFs that would not be considered pledges?
  • What happens to a donor-advised fund when the donor dies?
  • Is there any reason to cultivate DAF sponsoring organizations?
  • Are there any benefits for a charity that receives contributions from DAFs?

If you have other DAF-related questions that we didn’t cover, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at or leave your question in the comments section below. 

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