Guidance as you find your next standout leader.

Our Executive Search team is here to lead the way.

The Search Process

You need the right person for your open position—someone who believes in your mission and can create the impact you want.

Our Executive Search team brings a record of success to each engagement. We work closely with you to understand your needs, vision, and culture.

Drawing on original research, an extensive database, national networks, and personal connections, we help you recruit passionate nonprofit leaders who can move the needle. 

Discovery & Strategy

Weeks 1-3

  • Complete compensation analysis (optional)
  • Develop timeline
  • Conduct site visit
  • Talk to stakeholders
  • Survey constituents (optional)
  • Develop position guide
  • Schedule bi‐weekly check‐in calls
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Research, Outreach & Screening

Weeks 2-8

  • Develop target research list 
  • Announce the opportunity (optional)
  • Identify additional sources and candidates
  • Acknowledge all applications and evaluate resumes
  • Conduct phone screens 
  • Review resumes with client
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Interviewing & Assessment

Weeks 7-11

  • Conduct in-depth interviews
  • Confirm compensation expectations and discuss  salary range
  • Verify employment and education credentials
  • Present candidates 
  • Search Committee selects candidates to advance 
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Selection & Offer

Weeks 12-16

  • Coordinate client interviews; develop questions and rubric for selection
  • Advise on selection of finalist candidate(s)
  • Conduct in-depth referencing
  • Extend offer and assist in negotiations
  • Assist with transition and onboarding plan (optional)
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Our Expertise and Impact

Executive Search
In the past two years, our placements and the organizations they serve have collectively raised more than $1.3 billion for the nonprofit sector
Executive Searches Results

80% of our executive searches are based on referrals

85% of our development professional placements stay for two years or more

Sector Expertise

Sector Expertise in Arts & Culture, Associations, Environment, Higher Education, Independent Schools, Healthcare, and Human Services 

We have a national focus, conducting searches across the entire country. 

Diversity Focused

Diversity Focused

50% of searches included a diverse slate of candidates over the last 5 years.

23% of our placements have been people of color.

60% of our placements have been women.

Current Searches

Placed Leaders

Our Experience

Over the past two decades, we have placed hundreds of  candidates in roles where they have thrived. Our team has worked with some of the most respected organizations across the nonprofit sector, including: 



Campbell & Company's Executive Search Team discusses our successful partnership and placement of Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture's Executive Director, Dr. Gabriela Chavarria.

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We made the Forbes 2020 list of America's Best Executive Recruiting Firms—a testament to our dedication to advancing the nonprofit sector.


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