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Powerful ideas. Crystal-clear messages. Visionary design. Smart strategy. We do it all.

Communications Services

Our Communications team partners with you to create ideas, messages, and communications that tell your story, rally the support of your stakeholders, and empower your leaders to walk into the biggest donor conversations with confidence.

We do this by connecting with the people who live your mission. At every step in the process—from initial brainstorming through final revision of materialswe work in close collaboration with your leadership, staff, and volunteers to capture insights, amplify excitement, and build consensus.

Everything you want to accomplish begins with the story you tell. Let’s work together to say something unforgettable.

Brand Messaging

We bring clarity, creativity, and discipline to crafting messages that express your vision and engage your supporters. Nearly every project we lead begins with a focus on messaging—and there is nothing more exciting than getting this right.

Case Development

A compelling case for support is the heart and soul of your fundraising program. We work directly with your leadership and stakeholders to understand what inspires people to be part of your mission—and then express that power in messages that balance the emotional and rational, the big picture vision and concrete detail.

Communications Strategy

Every communication is an opportunity to build awareness, increase engagement, and create excitement in support of your mission or campaign. We help you use all of your communications channels—word-of-mouth, digital, direct mail, social media, events and more—to drive consistent impact across your audience.

Creative Communications

We write and design creative communications to fit your needs. That means print materials, annual reports, presentations, interactive tablet apps, websites, videos…everything you will need to start donor conversations and inspire support.

Digital Communications

More and more, relationship building and fundraising are happening online. We can help you assess your digital footprint and adapt your case for support and core messaging for digital channels, from your website to your social media accounts to email and beyond.  


The Children's Inn at NIH

"A few years ago, we hired Campbell & Company to help us with our development assessment, and one of the key findings was we really needed a case for support. Prior to that point, we had really been struggling with how to come up with a concise and compelling way to talk to our donors so that all of us could speak with one voice here at The Inn, from Board to staff. And I can say they did an excellent job with our case for support."

-Fern Jennifer Stone, Chief Development & Communications Officer, The Children's Inn at NIH

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