Start the Cycle Strong:

Identifying and Qualifying Your Next Major Donor

How do frontline fundraisers decide which donors to focus on cultivating meaningful relationships with? Properly identifying and qualifying prospects are the first steps to creating a healthy MGO portfolio.

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We guide nonprofits of all sizes in many different sectors toward fundraising success.


Executive Search

We place visionary leaders in nonprofits across the nation.



We create fundraising messaging that inspires, rallies and empowers.


Strategic Information Services

We use data to uncover giving potential and strengthen donor relationships.

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We have helped achieve fundraising and staffing goals

for more than 2,000 nonprofits since 1976

“Campbell & Company was an objective voice, and that helped bring perspective to the many groups working together on this campaign.”
Jeff McLain
Senior Vice President of Development
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“Campbell & Company made us feel very important and delivered what they promised. We are completely satisfied with the care, commitment and the attention we receive.”
Mark Stuart
Chief Development and Membership Officer
“ Working with Campbell & Company was great. Without them, I'm not sure we would be where we are today.”
Tonya Dedering
Executive Director
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Webinar: Understanding Campaign Effects on Annual Giving

Cost: Free! About this webinar: Whether a campaign aims to expand an endowment, fund a building, or launch new programs, there’s always a simmering concern that annual giving will suffer. How...Learn More

Event: #GivingTuesday Session

This session will get participants ready for #GivingTuesday, helping them create a plan for success through best practices, case studies, and interactive exercises....Learn More

Event: Develop a Compelling Case for Support that Your Staff and Board are Excited to Share

Your organization's case for support is a fundamental document, describing your mission, vision, and need for support. Most importantly, it is an invitation to prospective donors to join your...Learn More

Event: Pitch Perfect - Crafting Your Quick Pitch

Everything you want to accomplish through your organization begins with the story you tell. No matter what role you play—from volunteer and board to programs and development staff, everyone has the...Learn More

Event: Local Stories of Transformative Change - How Board Leaders and CEOs Drive Innovation

Many nonprofits have inspirational visions for transformative change, but few are able to execute their plans effectively. How can nonprofits successfully translate these bright ideas into concrete...Learn More

Event: A Sensitive Approach to Your Globally Diverse Philanthropy

High techs’ insatiable hunger for world-wide talent . . . America’s and Canada’s welcoming and diverse societies are bringing global diversity to our communities. New cultures and philanthropic...Learn More