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Strategic Information Services

Our strategic information services are designed with your complex goals in mind.

From determining your philanthropic potential and identifying the prospects who will help realize it to providing the tools you need to manage relationships and effectively leverage the power of your resources—we’ll put your data to work for you.


Dig deeper.

You’ve collected the data — and now we’ll help you transform it. With your mission in mind, our analytics services can help identify new levels of fundraising opportunity, inform concrete goals, inspire donor outreach strategies, and guide development team action specifically tailored to your organization and its needs and goals.

From electronic screening and modeling to pipeline and portfolio analyses, our team can be your partner and pathfinder. We can help you uncover new wealth in existing prospects—and discover promising new prospects. We can help you make more informed decisions about which prospects to prioritize—and determine the right solicitation strategy. And we can transform your existing data into information that can inform new strategies.

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Assessment of Major Gift Potential

Forecast effectively. Plan accordingly.

What is the capacity of your prospect pool? Are you effectively using your staff and resources? The key to a successful major gifts program is the comprehensive understanding of your organization’s major gifts potential and capacity. Whether you’re seeking to better understand how to allocate your resources and staff or the data supporting your major gift work, Campbell & Company strategically examines how your organization manages the interaction between staff and prospects.

Our goal is to help you build your major gift program effectively and enhance your efforts strategically. With this assessment, our team answers the most pivotal questions in major gift fundraising with specific and tailored recommendations about how to best use your database, deploy staff, and leverage volunteer leaders to support major gift fundraising.

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Measure up.

Whether you're looking to answer a specific question or get general fundraising benchmarks, benchmarking enables your organization to assess its strengths and areas for growth to determine what you’re doing well—and where you’re going next. Over the years, we’ve conducted benchmarking studies for many nonprofits, honing our process with experience.

We start by leveraging available institutional data from comparable and aspirational peer organizations and build on that with custom surveys and in-depth interviews with leaders and development staff. We can deliver the tools you need to map, scale, and improve your organization’s philanthropic impact.

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Database Review and Custom Reports

Make your data work.

Your database is far more than a place to house information—it’s one of your organization’s most powerful fundraising allies, whether it contains 5,000 or 500,000 records. From tracking and managing donor contacts to more deeply engaging constituents with your mission, your database works hard—but we can make it work better.

From comprehensive database reviews that streamline business rules and information processing to custom reports that inform and guide decision making, we give your organization the tools it needs to powerfully connect with donors.

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Prospect Research

Get in the know.

Whether expanding your knowledge of current donors or casting a wider net to expand your base of support, Campbell & Company provides a variety of flexible, tailored research services. This includes traditional services like developing prospect profiles detailing assets, giving history, and business and community connections as well as prospect identification, where we search outside your database records for individuals with similar behaviors and philanthropic interests to your own donors.

Whether you’re a startup organization working to build your donor bases or an established nonprofit seeking greater insight into your donors, our research process has given nonprofits across the country a comprehensive view of their key prospects—and the tools to go beyond “making the ask” to building lasting philanthropic relationships.

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Tailored Surveys

Ask your audience.

Need constituent input on a strategic plan? Responses to case messages? Have questions about internal staffing structure? Campbell & Company has created and launched hundreds of national surveys, meeting organizations' specific needs today and guiding decision-making processes for the future.

Whether it’s a small, targeted survey of your closest stakeholders or a large-scale, nationwide survey of every name in your donor database, surveys represent an important opportunity to engage and cultivate your constituents—and collect information you can translate directly into more compelling case messaging and effective cultivation strategies.


The Fenn School

"Not only did they assemble a fantastic team to meet our needs, they were able to provide the assistance we needed—whether it was wealth screening or improving our tracking system on our database."

-Veronica Jorge-Curtis, Director of Advancement, The Fenn School

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