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5 Talent Trends to Watch For in 2015


Because of our close network with nonprofits, the executive search team at Campbell & Company is “in the know” with current trends going on in the nonprofit community. Below we outline a few trends we believe are important to watch over this next year. 

  1. Nonprofit talent pool continues to tighten. As the economy continues to open up in all sectors, corporate, nonprofit and government, competition for top talent continues to tighten, particularly for leadership and, in the case of nonprofits, development roles. Organizations may want to consider several options:
    – Design benefits packages that applicants find more appealing.
    – Develop and encourage professional development opportunities that address skill gaps in current or future employees.
    – Consider recruitment strategies and candidate profiles that broaden the candidate universe.
  2. Leaders are not retiring. According to a 2013 Gallup poll, nearly half of workers nearing retirement plan on working past age 65, primarily because of financial concerns. What does that mean for nonprofits? Aging Executive Directors/President/CEOs may welcome incentives that would help them go gracefully otherwise they may stay in leadership positions longer than either anticipated or good for their organizations. It will still be important to groom successors, however. As current leaders age, health or personal issues may arise, making it even more critical to have a robust succession plan that can be activated quickly in the event of an emergency.
  3. Baby boomers are looking for encore careers. The aging workforce has its upside, though. Many baby boomers who spent the majority of their working lives in the private sector are looking to round out their working years serving a mission. Known as the encore career phenomenon, this often means switching to a nonprofit organization or institution, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. The nonprofit sector will benefit from the skills, perspectives and approaches of these experienced candidates.
  4. The blurring line between nonprofit and corporate. More nonprofits are applying the discipline of the corporate sector to their organizations. In terms of recruitment, this can make nonprofits an attractive option for corporate executives seeking different types of opportunities, a move that was rare even a decade ago. To make the switch, these leaders will be looking for organizations that have solid infrastructures with accountability for qualitative and quantitative metrics that can be tracked and improved.
  5. Data is leading fundraising strategies. Creativity and innovation are shifting the culture of fundraising, according to the NonProfit Times, and date is one of the factors leading the strategic shift. For many organizations, this will require budgeting for operational and infrastructure improvements so that the right data can be captured and turned into action. The key to making these investments successful will be having tech-savvy people on teams who can use data for prospecting, strategizing, problem-solving and measuring results.

Check back in the following weeks for more blog posts from the executive search team. Questions or comments? Please leave a note below.

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Because of our close network with nonprofits, the executive search team at Campbell & Company is “in the know” with current trends going on in the nonprofit community. Below we...
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