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Seattle, WA – November 17, 2022 – Campbell & Company, an employee-owned national consulting firm for mission-driven organizations, formally announces that we have selected The Northwest African American Museum (NAAM) as our 2022 Equity Partner. Campbell & Company’s Equity Partners Program supports the philanthropic growth and mission advancement of nonprofits advancing racial justice within our sector.

An active board member often has numerous professional and personal affiliations and, undoubtedly, some of them cross paths with your organization. Finding board members with no conflicts of interest at all is unlikely. They might sit on other like-minded non-profit boards or be related to someone at your organization. In fact, they may have been chosen as a board member because of their commitment to your cause area or helpful contacts.

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Chicago, IL – August 31, 2022 – Campbell & Company (CC), an employee-owned national consulting firm with expertise in fundraising, communications consulting, strategic information services, and executive search, announces its strategic partnership with Joy-Raising, LLC, an international consultancy that offers expertise in philanthropy and diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

As frontline fundraisers, we know that the best practice is to build a prospect's relationship with the organization rather than with us as individuals. We do this so that if and when we depart from our roles, the donor will likely maintain their philanthropic relationship with the organization. However, we can acknowledge that we naturally develop relationships with one another it's only natural! So, what can organizations do to minimize the risk of diminished relationships when a staff member departs?

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Donor recognition and naming is an acknowledgment of a donor’s contribution meant to celebrate the generosity of the gift and offer the donor the benefit of legacy and public distinction.  Recently, the topic has experienced increased relevance within the philanthropic sector, particularly due to several exceptional gifts at high-profile institutions at a time when our society is grappling with power dynamics and wealth inequality. 

The organizations working on the frontlines of environmental issues today are faced with myriad compelling opportunities to engage with a wide range of constituents (especially marginalized and underrepresented communities), to build inclusive movements, to transform policy, and to respond to the effects of climate change on people, wildlife, and landscapes. On this 52nd anniversary of Earth Day, we reflect on some trending themes in the sector: 

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Chicago, IL – March 18, 2022 – Campbell & Company, an employee-owned national consulting firm, announces today that it has appointed Marian DeBerry, Senior Counsel, Executive Search at Campbell & Company; Mark Smith, Founding Member of Summit Business Advisors; and Tracy Till, President at T4 Verge, Inc; to its Board of Directors.

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During National Women’s History Month, let’s take the time to remember and acknowledge women history makers and think about how we are inciting change for women in today’s environment. In addition to leading the fight for gender equality, women are actively combating racism, prejudice, lack of access, and other systemic aggressions. These factors emphasize the need for intersectionality in the work toward equity and justice.

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