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St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation


Affinity Health System—the parent company of St. Elizabeth Hospital—embarked on a $65 million expansion. Affinity Health System sponsors asked that about 10 percent or $6 million come from the greater Fox Cities community.

Recognizing the need for outside expertise to help conduct a campaign of that scale, St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation turned to Campbell & Company for guidance.


Campbell & Company conducted a robust philanthropic market study to test the ability of the Foundation to raise $6 million in support of the $65 million expansion.

Study participants noted the importance of physician involvement which prompted St. Elizabeth to recruit a physicians’ committee. All members made major commitments, totaling $310,700 during the first phase of the campaign.

The second phase used the physicians' committee to help compile a list of 400 potential donors. All committee members completed solicitation training, were familiarized with custom collateral materials, and given their first “ask” assignments.

“Working with Campbell & Company was great. Without them, I’m not sure we would be where we are today.”

– Tonya Dedering, Executive Director, St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation

“Our physician’s campaign was successful because of the preparation and support we received from the Foundation and because we recruited the right people to help.”

– Dr. Joseph P. McCormick, MD, St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation

St. Elizabeth Hospital reached and surpassed its goal of $6 million.