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As Central Virginia's core hunger-relief organization, Feed More sought to increase its capacity to serve its community and elevate its financial stability.


Campbell & Company launched a campaign planning study, testing a $63 million comprehensive campaign. Through our work, we conducted interviews and leadership briefings with key prospects and presented a set of recommendations to the Board.

“In my career, the reason I've seen campaigns fail most often is from lack of sound leadership. And Campbell has been very, very helpful with that in working with us to design specific strategies to get the right leaders based on some of the results that they had through the feasibility study, some of the names they picked up—as well as our own input—to ensure that we have the right Campaign Steering Committee."

-Tim McDermott, Chief Development Officer of Feed More

Feed More decided to move forward with the campaign, and Campbell & Company is providing campaign counsel and case development services as the effort advances.