Smart fundraising strategies to move the needle.

We pair quantitative and qualitative methodologies to guide your fundraising program forward.

Fundraising Services

Our consultants bring decades of front-line fundraising experience and expertise to each engagement.

We work with staff and leadership in a variety of sectors, guiding nascent major gift programs and sophisticated development operations alike. We understand that in the nonprofit sector, philanthropy is the catalyst that transforms ideas into impact. And that means everything your organization wants to accomplish tomorrow depends on your fundraising success today.

Let’s make a plan to get you there.

Responsive Services: Adapt Today and Thrive Tomorrow

COVID-19 presents unique challenges to nonprofits. An effective fundraising response from a dedicated strategic partner can make all the difference.

Responsive Online Fundraising Services

COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of digital communication and compelled nonprofits to strengthen their use of digital channels in fundraising efforts. 

Our online fundraising experts can help your organization create a six-month or one-year digital fundraising plan that reflects the recent changes and investments your organization has made, integrates the COVID-19 responsive messaging you developed, and moves you towards a more sophisticated and coordinated multichannel approach. 

Our responsive services can be completed in as few as three weeks and may include: 

  • Recommendations on online fundraising best practices for the short- and long-term 
  • Adjustments to your social media and email messaging and calendar that align with your organization’s situation—whether you’re grappling with a loss of earned revenue, struggling to define the relevance of your mission in our current moment, or experiencing an unprecedented surge in support from new donors 
  • Processes and tools to streamline staff responsibilities, recreate the atmosphere of events and gatherings, or facilitate broad-based communication in a cost-effective way

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Responsive Annual Giving Services

The operating support your organization raises through annual giving has likely become even more of a lifeline in the past few months. As you plan your annual giving efforts for the remainder of 2020 and beyond, you may be struggling with what recent shifts in programming, messaging, and solicitation schedule mean and how your community will respond to annual appeals. 

In four to six weeks, we can develop a responsive annual fund plan to guide you through changes to your calendar, planned activities, and case for support that connect to your organization’s current reality and create a bridge back to your strategic priorities and growth. We can also help you revise your communications and solicitations, develop digital outreach to replace in-person touchpoints, and revamp your giving day. 

As the only national fundraising consulting firm with a team of adjunct annual giving specialists, and with the involvement of our in-house Online Fundraising and Communications teams, we are prepared to respond to your near-term and mid-term annual giving needs quickly and creatively.

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Responsive Donor Engagement Services

Donor engagement is essential to any fundraising plan—and as you respond to the challenges created in the past few months—that means adjusting your digital fundraising and engagement efforts. We’re ready to help you do that.  

Our counsel will provide emergency donor engagement strategies that respond to unexpected funding needs and help you prioritize your resources. We’ll make sure you stay in touch with donors and leverage your fundraising opportunities. Over the course of eight weeks, we can help: 

  • Develop a virtual event strategy 
  • Refresh your messaging 
  • Invest in platforms to replace face-to-face meetings with donors 
  • Train frontline fundraisers to operate as digital gift officers 
  • Enhance digital engagement plans

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Responsive Alumni Engagement Services

As you adapt to the unique circumstances created by the coronavirus pandemic, we are ready to help you rethink your alumni relations and digital engagement efforts. Our services will help you analyze your communications, event plans, staffing and volunteer structure, and internal relationships between alumni relations and other departments on campus. We’ll incorporate our best practices knowledge and in-depth research to create a six to nine-month plan to deepen alumni engagement while shifting traditional outreach and activities online. 

Over four to six weeks, we will develop a short-term plan that will includrecommendations around volunteer leadership, alumni programming, alumni giving, communications, and staffing and systems. Our report will define activities your team can tackle in the next threesix, and nine months with benchmarking information on best-in-class engagement activities.  

We’ve helped a number of institutions with their alumni engagement, including Duke University, John Carroll University, Baldwin Wallace University, College of Saint Benedict, and Bon Secours College of Nursing. 

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Responsive Qualification Services

If your organization has been on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may have seen an influx of new donors or existing donors giving more.   

It’s important that you engage with these donors now. A qualification call program is a cost-effective approach to screen your donors, prioritize your prospects, build your mid-level and major gifts pipeline—and most of all, enable your frontline fundraising staff to focus on the strongest prospects. 

Over the course of four weeks, we can build your qualification program with metrics and benchmarks, help you organize and prioritize prospects, and develop a multi-channel qualification plan with a conversation guide. We can also: 

  • Lead a qualification training workshop 
  • Conduct qualification calls on behalf of your organization 
  • Share written conversation notes from each call, indicate next steps, and provide updated contact and biographical information  

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Annual Giving

Your annual fund is the lifeblood of your operations.

Our team of current and former frontline advancement officers can help advance every aspect of your annual giving program—the base on which all other philanthropy is built. As the only national fundraising consulting firm with a team of adjunct annual giving specialists, we can analyze and assist with every aspect of your program, from materials and calendars to plans and strategies. 

Over the past six years, we've worked with nearly 100 nonprofits to improve their annual giving strategies and practices, including Ohio University, Marquette University, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and many others.

Get started now with Annual Giving Fundamentals, our on-demand series of six online trainings:

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Board Governance

Your board defines and oversees the path forward for your organization. Through our board governance services, we help you move toward greater impact and sustainable success.

From board development and training to recruitment and other governance matters, our team positions volunteer leaders to effectively advocate and secure significant philanthropic support for their organizations.

Campaign Counsel

You're ready to take the first step toward an exciting future for your organization. Let's work together to make it happen. 

Throughout a major fundraising campaign, our hands-on guidance and support takes many forms: recruiting volunteers to advocate for you in the community; training your staff in the art and science of cultivation and solicitation; identifying your best prospects, and brainstorming the best ways to capture their hearts and minds.

From the initial operating plan to the gift that gets you to your goal, we're here to support, strategize, and celebrate. And over the past few years, we've had the good fortune to do so with nearly 1,000 nonprofits, including the Adler Planetarium, the Alzheimer's Association, YMCA of the USA, the San Francisco Opera, and many others.

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Campaign Planning Studies

Our campaign planning studies don’t just test the feasibility of your fundraising goals—they engage your staff, leadership, and prospective donors in a discussion about what you’re trying to accomplish and how to get there.

Through qualitative conversation with your key stakeholders, quantitative data analysis, and focused case development, we collaborate with you to develop a roadmap to success. At the end of the study, you will be equipped with a tailored set of deliverables designed for your key staff as well as your board. 

Since 2008, we've conducted more than 400 campaign planning studies, working with organizations pursuing their first major fundraising initiatives, helping nonprofits like the Kansas City Ballet reinvigorate stalled campaigns, and guiding organizations with a history of fundraising success like Marin Country Day School and the Indiana State University Foundation as they pursue their most ambitious campaigns to date.

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Development Assessments

You have potential. You just want to know how to reach it. 

Our development assessments examine your fundraising programs top to bottom, using both quantitative and qualitative methodology to help you prioritize your staff and monetary resources, make a plan for your organization’s future, and grow to reach your fundraising potential.

Over the past six years, we've conducted more than 170 development assessments, working with nonprofits across sectors and across the nation—from the Goodman Theatre to the National Park Foundation to Saint Mary's College.

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Interim Management

Leadership transitions are difficult and can impact the progression of your efforts in many ways.

However, the temporary or permanent leave of an advancement or executive staff member should not impact or halt the progression of your efforts. Our team of uniquely qualified and experienced consultants fill the interim role while helping preserve your organization’s fundraising program and ensuring the continuation of its success despite this period of organizational change.

From managing staff to orchestrating your fundraising program and staffing assessments to serving as a liaison between the executive leadership and the Board, we’re here to foster your vision and help drive the organization’s growth. While filling an interim role, our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your organization followed by strategic recommendations that we will also assist in implementing.

We have provided this service to a wide array of organizations from various sectors and sizes including the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford, The San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, American Kidney Fund, College of Saint Benedict, The Piney Woods School, and more.

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Institutional Visioning & Strategic Planning

From detailed planning to high-level concepts, let’s think big about the future of your organization. Our visioning and strategic planning processes are highly customizable, whether you’re planning for a campaign, moving through a leadership transition, or at another inflection point.

Through institutional visioning, we leverage broad engagement of your stakeholders—leadership, staff, donors, and other constituents—to clarify and crystalize the “big idea” that will rally your community and drive it forward. Our related strategic planning counsel helps you define and build consensus around long-term strategic visions and the key steps toward realizing them.

Our work in this area includes engagements with Woodland Park Zoo and Roger Williams University, among others.

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Major Giving & Planned Giving Counsel

Whether you and your staff are starting your organization's first major giving and planned giving program, or you're seeking counsel as you stretch for an ambitious goal, our team can help you craft the right fundraising policies and plans for your organization, identify and evaluate potential donors, develop cultivation and solicitation strategies that get gifts—and the stewardship plans that keep donors engaged. 

We've provided this specific type of counsel to hundreds of nonprofits, including the Seattle Symphony, the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, Good Samaritan Hospital, Tau Kappa Epsilon Foundation, and St. John's College High School.

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Mid-Level Giving Services

Mid-level donors have demonstrated an interest in your organization’s mission and are prepared to make a substantial investment in its success. But they often look like low-level donors because they have been receiving annual appeals targeted at a lower giving level. 

Our mid-level giving services can help you unlock this potential and maximize your donor pipeline. Building on our experiential insights, we conducted extensive research to determine best practices and understand what motivates mid-level giving. Our findings, combined with our experience, helped us develop a suite of flexible, evidence-based strategies for understanding donors and supporting mid-level giving strategies at every stage of development.

From a program assessment and systems building to staff training and marketing integration, our mid-level giving solutions will help you understand and engage this unique constituency. 

We are currently working with MultiCare Health System to build a mid-level giving program, implementing streamlined processes, identifying prospects, and developing a pipeline of future major donors.

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Online Fundraising

Online giving isn’t a trend. It’s the new normal. Each year, more and more donors are engaging with nonprofits and making gifts online. Our online fundraising services can help you optimize your operations to take advantage of this growing opportunity.

We compare your performance with industry best practices, working with you to address pain points and craft a path forward. From a nimble but in-depth online fundraising assessment to customized workshops and implementation counsel, our team has the expertise to address all of your online fundraising needs:

  • Online giving experience
  • Email strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Search engine optimization
  • Persona development
  • Integration of online fundraising into the annual strategy and plan

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Qualification Services

Qualifying donors is a key component of any successful major gifts program, large or small. Through consistent commitment to qualification, organizations can develop their major gifts pipeline—and focus on the donors most interested in building deeper relationships with them.

Our flexible qualification services help you create an easy-to-follow framework for prospect qualification. We combine a multi-channel outreach strategy with a highly structured schedule. Depending on your needs, our consultants are available to advise your team on best practices, develop an outreach plan, or make qualification calls on your behalf.

We have worked with a number of organizations to strengthen their qualification strategy, including Alverno College, The Fenn School, National Parks Conservation Association, St. Paul's School (Brooklandville, MD), and Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts. 

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Campbell & Company always provides valuable insight and practical recommendations that have significantly assisted FareStart in growing and sustaining our philanthropic resources.”

-Michelle McDaniel, Chief Development Officer, FareStart

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