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Building a Major Gift Qualification Plan: A How-To Guide


As philanthropy becomes an increasingly important revenue source for nonprofits and more frequent campaigns become a consistent element of the environment, organizations face a big challenge: how do you bring in more fundraising revenue while combating donor fatigue?

A strong pipeline fueled by qualification can help you balance these competing priorities.

Download our how-to guide on major gift qualification.

This guide covers:

  • Qualification basics: what a qualification program is and what it does—and does not do
  • A framework for qualifying major donors, leveraging analytics, affinity scoring, and other resources to prioritize prospects
  • Information on trainings and resources to maximize your qualification efforts
  • Strategies for leveraging your existing resources—and identifying new resources—to implement a program and measure impact

For more guidance, check out our article on setting up a qualification call program. And if you’d like to learn more about how Campbell & Company can help you grow and refine your qualification program, contact us at or

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