Yellowstone Park Foundation

The Challenge

In 2013, Yellowstone Park Foundation prepared to launch the most ambitious fundraising campaign in its history: a $40 million comprehensive effort that would coincide with the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service in 2016. It also sought to pursue a much larger set of opportunities than the project-specific efforts of the past.

To succeed, the Foundation knew it needed to share a visionary narrative about the enduring importance of Yellowstone; clarify how the campaign’s several fundable projects fit into broader initiatives that matter for the Park’s future; and still remain specific about the use of donor dollars to advance particular programs.

In short, the Foundation needed a cohesive, compelling case for support that would elevate donors’ sights and unite the campaign under a larger narrative.

The Process

Alongside our firm’s fundraising counsel, Campbell’s Communications Consulting team threw themselves into the campaign, engaging deeply with the work of YPF while leading an inclusive process to develop a clear campaign message.

In addition to YPF staff, we sought feedback and input each step of the way from Board members and from Park Service staff. This approach made it possible to crystallize the focus and impact of this multifaceted campaign—in a way that worked for everyone.

We worked with YPF’s design partner, Ogilvie & Mather, to create a set of donor-facing materials to capture the essence of the Yellowstone Forever campaign: a stunning, highly visual brochure, as well as a set of detailed one-pagers on initiatives to support wilderness, scientific studies, youth education, and the visitor experience.

“Campbell & Company developed a strong case for support that helped identify the highest priority initiatives and combine them into a compelling and urgent vision.”

– Karen Bates Kress, President of Yellowstone Park Foundation

The Impact

Nearing the end of its second year, the campaign has raised $17 million from private development efforts and will enter its public phase in 2016 to coincide with the National Park Service Centennial.

As it engages this broader set of donors on a higher level than ever before, YPF now has a message that will resonate more deeply, helping them see the Foundation’s vision more clearly and understand the role of philanthropy in shaping the Park’s future.

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