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The Society of Exploration Geophysicists


Like many professional associations, the Society of Exploration Geophysicists and the SEG Foundation recognized that they had a great potential to advance their mission through philanthropy—but had only begun to build a comprehensive fundraising program and culture of philanthropy. With a Board committed to launching a major campaign, the SEG Foundation turned to Campbell & Company to assess the Foundation’s fundraising potential, develop a comprehensive campaign strategy and assist in implementing the plan.


After completing a philanthropic market study, Campbell & Company and the SEG Foundation agreed on a plan to launch a campaign. Our first priority was to help the SEG Foundation articulate its case for philanthropic support. Working with staff and volunteers, we developed a case that captured the professional and public benefits of the SEG, the Foundation and the proposed campaign—while also anticipating and answering prospective donors’ questions about the effort.

We then developed a campaign operating plan—a road map to guide the Foundation’s staff and volunteers through every step of the campaign—and assisted directly in implementing this plan. Along the way, we worked with the Foundation to engage a Campaign Cabinet of volunteer leaders, train staff, research prospective donors, develop tailored strategies for corporate and individual cultivation, and monitor campaign progress.

“Campbell & Company’s experience and supportive approach gave us great confidence in moving forward with our campaign and building our own capability as an organization. We learned that you don’t have to hire a firm in your home city—you need someone with the credibility and expertise to help you succeed.”

-Peter Pangman, Director, The Society of Exploration Geophysicists

The campaign exceeded its $15 million goal, raising $17 million from a wide range of corporate and individual supporters. Yet the impact of the campaign goes far beyond the bottom line. The SEG Foundation emerged from the campaign with many more and stronger philanthropic relationships, a more effective comprehensive fundraising program and a staff and volunteer corps ready to build on the campaign’s success.