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Society for Science & the Public


Society for Science & the Public (Washington, DC) is a champion for science, dedicated to expanding scientific literacy, effective STEM education, and scientific research. A well-established organization approaching its centennial in 2021, the Society wanted to expand into new program areas and build a stronger base of philanthropic support.

The organization’s Board and new President and CEO decided to invest in development and launch a campaign to coincide with its 100th-year anniversary. They partnered with Campbell & Company to prepare for this significant effort.


Our work with the Society started with a campaign planning study in 2016. The study confirmed the organization’s strong reputation and philanthropic potential, but it uncovered a lack of brand visibility as well as uncertainty about the unifying vision for the organization’s various programs.

Coming out of the study, we launched into a campaign preparation phase. Our team worked with the Society to conduct an organizational visioning initiative, mapping out a clear and compelling statement of vision as well as a messaging platform that informed organizational communications and laid the groundwork for the forthcoming campaign.

At the same time, we worked with the Society’s Advancement team to build out its fundraising systems and donor engagement opportunities. This included conducting a capacity analysis to prioritize the organization’s prospect list and developing prospect portfolios for all frontline fundraising staff.

We provided counsel on implementing a qualification system, setting up its database to track and report on donor relationships, and leveraging peer-to-peer fundraising approaches. Our consultants also advised the Society on engaging volunteers in fundraising activity and helped organize its major giving activities.

“Primarily as a result of working with Campbell & Company on this project, we tripled our individual giving over three years. We found the Campbell & Company approach excellent and a great fit for our situation.”

Bruce Makous

Chief Advancement Officer, Society for Science & the Public

From 2016 to 2018, the Society for Science & the Public tripled its major gifts revenue. In 2018, the Society achieved a 42 percent increase in total individual support, on top of a 46 percent increase in 2017.

The organization now has the systems in place for continued robust fundraising, has engaged volunteers in fundraising for the first time ever, and is poised for campaign success as it approaches its centennial.