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MultiCare Health System


The South Puget Sound community’s need for quality neonatal and pediatric care was outpacing MultiCare’s ability to meet that need in existing facilities, which were designed and built in the 1970s. An endowment fund to help families with children who require long-term care at the Children’s Therapy Unit also was needed to complete this continuum of care.

Based on our initial study findings, Campbell & Company’s Northwest team partnered with MultiCare on a three-year, three-phase, $30 million capital and endowment campaign to raise money for its Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Family Birth Center at Tacoma General Hospital, and the Children’s Therapy Unit at Good Samaritan Hospital.


Our work focused on bringing together three different programs at three different hospitals with three distinct foundation boards, to achieve one common goal: a continuum of high quality care for our region’s children.

During the study, our team was able to discover the values of MultiCare’s donors and recommend a case for support and campaign structure that best met their concerns. During the campaign design, we assisted MultiCare with a strategy and timeline that addressed the complexity of both the healthcare environment and the donor community.

We are currently working with MultiCare to build a mid-level giving program, implementing streamlined processes, identifying prospects, and developing a pipeline of future major donors.

“Campbell & Company was a strong partner throughout the campaign study and planning process, working with both our staff and volunteers to help us be successful in securing our overall goal, implementing innovative ways to reach our physician community, and, for the first time, weaving in a planned giving element into the campaign goal. We look forward to working with them in the future.”

-Sara J. Long, VP, Philanthropy / Foundations of Multicare

This groundwork enabled us to help MultiCare successfully secure seven-figure gifts from individuals and raise $26.4 million of the goal in just two years. Many improvements are made possible by this funding. Premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit are no longer in a single open ward but cared for in private patient rooms, which will allow parents to room with their babies.

Likewise in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, rooms are large enough to enable family members to be an active component in the healing process. And families of children with long-term healthcare needs will receive more financial aid, helping them to avoid potentially crushing medical debt.