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Since 1971, Hopelink has served homeless and low-income families, children, seniors, and people with disabilities in Washington State’s King and Snohomish counties; providing stability and helping people gain the skills and knowledge they need on their journey to exit poverty.

Responding to community needs, Hopelink decided to test a campaign in 2012 focused on enhancing facilities while expanding food programs and services for individuals facing homelessness.


Hopelink partnered with Campbell & Company to conduct an initial campaign planning study and serve as campaign counsel.

Highlights of our work included helping Hopelink develop a compelling, integrated campaign vision and case for support, and communicating how individual projects tied together to impact the community. We also guided Hopelink as they set up a major gifts program and enhanced donor engagement, providing the foundation necessary to solicit significant gifts for the capital campaign and grow annual support in years to come.

"Campbell & Company provided guidance and insight to set a challenging, yet attainable goal, craft our message, and steward our donors to generously support the Campaign for Lasting Change. The abundance of tools, direction, and regular check-ins ensured progress to completion even during slower and more challenging times during the campaign while celebrating our successes during the miracle moments. Their partnership was invaluable from the start to the finish of our campaign."

-Lauren Thomas, CEO, Hopelink

Hopelink met its $20 million Phase 1 campaign goal in August 2018 with gifts from nearly 900 donors. As a result of the new investments, Hopelink has renovated housing units for homeless families and built two new integrated service centers expanding access to vital services and will be expanding its food program and helping 1,000 people each year become equipped to exit poverty.