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Feeding America

Feeding America has a nationwide network of more than 200 food banks that feed more than 46 million people through food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and other community-based agencies. Feeding America partners with food banks, food pantries, and local food programs to bring food to people facing hunger, and advocates for policies that create long-term solutions to hunger. 

What We Heard

Feeding America National Office (FANO), a large, impactful nonprofit actively addressing food insecurity experienced a major surge in giving due to the COVID-19 pandemic on top of its already successful fundraising efforts. Looking to meet this incredible moment of generosity and encourage donors to continue to support its work, FANO engaged us to lead a comprehensive process for structural improvements, stronger relationship management processes, ideas for deepening fundraising collaboration, and other strategies that would enhance philanthropic revenue in both the short and long term, focused on funding a movement to end hunger. Additionally, FANO’s Network Fundraising Services team worked with our Strategic Information Services staff to create tools to support the development operations functions of member food banks across the network with new tools and processes. 

Our Impact

Campbell & Company made significant recommendations to capture the momentum of generosity and create a plan to sustain this increase in giving and participation with a focus on transformational giving. We created a cross-team accountability system that formalized collaboration across the org by designating liaisons, creating annual plans with shared goals across channels, and listing secondary relationship managers for transformational gift donors/prospects. In addition, we also recommended an interdepartmental “Stewardship Center” to increase the ROI of frontline fundraisers by assisting with high-touch communications, providing support for gift management, liaising across the organization to support fundraising objectives, and providing content/logistics support for events. In addition, we evaluated the philanthropic landscape to estimate the fundraising potential across channels and constituencies.  

Most recently, our SIS team created a maturity model to provide a roadmap for continuous improvement of their prospect management function and use of their CRM as well as standard operating procedures for how the CRMs should be used. 

“Campbell and Company entered the picture at a critical point in Feeding America‘s history. We were experiencing unprecedented giving as a result of the pandemic, and the strategic fundraising support and assessment of Campbell and Company helped to position us optimally for the future. My team and I enjoyed working seamlessly with the team at Campbell; we found them to be professional, thoughtful, and responsive. The assessment that they completed for our development team has had long-lasting meaningful impact.” 

Casey MarshChief Development Officer


Feeding America implemented our recommendations and established staffing and systems structures that: 1) are informed by, and in service to, the full arc of a constituent’s relationship to the organization and 2) prioritize alignment of FANO teams around shared measurements, goals, and revenue. We helped FANO strategically add roles to support staff, create a more seamless pipeline to major or transformational giving, and maximize fundraising potential.  

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