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American Academy of Pediatrics

American Academy of Pediatrics

By any measure, the American Academy of Pediatrics is an extraordinary and singular organization: a fierce champion for the health and well-being of children around the world, and a passionate community of 64,000 pediatricians and pediatric specialists united by a shared mission. In our work with AAP over several years, we had the honor and challenge of capturing that power in a new set of creative communications to inspire greater giving than ever before.

Creating the home for children’s health

When AAP launched its first-ever fundraising campaign—for a new headquarters facility—we had to figure out how to capture the mission impact of a new building that most AAP members would not experience directly. We did this by showing the breadth and urgency of AAP’s mission, capturing its amazing growth over the last decades, and featuring the work that pediatricians do in patient care, policy advocacy, and community leadership with AAP’s support. The new building is the global home for children’s health, elevating the work of pediatricians around the world.

Capturing AAP’s critical work

After not producing an annual report for years, AAP came to us to re-envision and relaunch this important publication. For two years, we worked with AAP to produce annual reports in a creative format: a collection of cards and mini-booklets that tell wide-ranging stories of AAP impact. From the pediatrician who brought the Flint water crisis to public awareness and the work of pediatricians to combat the Zika epidemic to AAP’s advocacy for the visionary Blueprint for Children’s Health in D.C. and support of pediatricians making change in their communities, these annual reports tell vibrant stories of AAP’s mission in action.

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