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Training & Workshops

Want to raise funds? Your first step is raising the confidence and competence of your team.

Reach your most ambitious goals and solve your greatest challenges.

Name your greatest challenge. Is it high turnover? Low employee engagement? Lack of campaign experience? A culture of philanthropy that is…less than robust?

Now name your boldest aspiration. Is it an ambitious dollar goal? Higher donor retention and deeper donor engagement? A cohesive team?

No matter what problem you are working to solve, there is one solution that will help you get there: training.

Give your team the tools and the confidence they need.

Campbell & Company is your partner in creating training solutions tailored to your needs.

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First, we lean on the expertise of our team to ensure that each training is built on best practice.

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Second, we customize each training to the unique needs and opportunities of your organization. The result is a training experience that is compelling, actionable, and clear—never canned.

Training solutions take many shapes—we’ll help you find yours.

Our team provides training services within the scope of larger projects or as a standalone offerings.

Don’t know what option is best for your organization? We can also partner with your team to assess the learning needs of your organization, identify learning outcomes, and craft a plan to achieve those outcomes.

Campaign Planning Studies and Development Assessments

Based on findings from the study process, our team can provide specific guidance on the type of training & coaching needed to help the client reach fundraising goals. Most often, this includes options for fundraising staff, other internal team members, and Board leadership.

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Case & Message Training

We prepare staff and volunteers to use case messages and materials in donor-facing activities and settings. From crafting a personal elevator pitch, to building familiarity with talking points, or learning how to adapt a slide deck for a donor ask—our case & message trainings build familiarity and confidence.

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Data Management

Clean, usable data requires getting the whole team on the same page about policies and procedures—and making sure everyone knows how to stick to them. To help you reach this goal, we offer trainings on tactical implementation of data management best practices.

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Onboarding and Professional Development

New team member—or maybe they are just new to fundraising? We offer training and coaching as an optional add-on for Executive Search placements or for any client seeking to upskill employees on fundraising know-how.


Intensive Workshops

Often implemented in-person over a day or more, these highly customized, in-depth sessions are ideal for organizations that have identified a significant need, or are perhaps launching a campaign or embarking on strategic planning. We will create a meaningful “deep dive” for your team that will serve as a launchpad toward your most important goals.

Get started on your learning journey today.

Browse our blog and webinar series for insights and guidance that you can adopt today.

Want to learn more about the how and the why behind training and workshops? Check out this installment of our fundraising communications series: Preparing Volunteer Leaders to Serve as Ambassadors.

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Meet the team.

The training team at Campbell & Company is comprised of experienced instructors with background and credentials in adult learning. We partner with subject matter experts across the firm to design and implement every training and workshop we offer. Connect to us and we can connect you to the best strategy and team to meet your training needs.

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From message training for staff to guidance on “making the ask” for your executive leaders and volunteer ambassadors, our expert team is ready to create an interactive training experience that speaks to your team and your strategy.

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