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Scott Jackson

Associate Consultant, Fundraising

“Fundraising is all about creating and utilizing broad networks, and it’s what makes Campbell & Company’s strategy so effective. Nonprofit work exists in all aspects of life, so if a whole industry can be so limitless, we’re going to do the same.”

About Scott Jackson

As an Associate Fundraising Consultant, Scott brings a personable warmth and motivating energy to his work with clients and colleagues. While having recently graduated from Colby College with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Scott already has two solid years of fundraising experience under his belt. Having served as a student representative for Colby’s Board of Trustees College Resource Committee, Scott was involved in helping Colby reach an ambitious $750 million goal as part of the largest capital fundraising campaign in liberal arts history. His work involved speaking to the Board on behalf of the student body, attending committee meetings, speaking with donors in gratitude of their support, and on multiple occasions traveling across the country to conduct this work for the College.

In addition to serving on several other administrative committees while at Colby, Scott also has a great deal of experience working directly with nonprofits in Kennebec County, Maine. Over the years, Scott has teamed up with several nonprofits to help to run events for organizations doing important work. The areas of nonprofit work that Scott has engaged with include mental health, sexual assault awareness, food distribution for those in need, and homelessness.

Outside of work, Scott has an extensive history of musical performance playing piano, guitar, and drums and has played in multiple bands and ensembles. He also enjoys being outdoors by hiking, playing ultimate frisbee, and rock climbing.

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