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Kara Eagens

Consultant, Communications LinkedIn

“I believe that the stories we tell are central to creating impact.  With my skills in understanding core values and unique missions, I aim to translate organizations’ goals into concise, compelling messaging that advances meaningful change.”

Kara brings an intersectional and systems-focused lens to her work.  Her studies and professional experiences focused on a wide range of areas including international development, criminal justice, civil rights, and disability inclusion.  This breadth of experience taught her how to hold complex issues and diverse perspectives in tension with one another while remaining true to organizational values.

Kara graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Law, Societies, and Justice from the University of Washington.  She has taken her studies in justice from theory to practice, interning as a legal intake counselor at the ACLU of Washington and serving as an assistant to a federal appellate judge.  Most recently, she worked with leadership at a social impact consulting firm to develop messaging and strategy focused on disability and gender inclusion in research.

While pursuing her degree, Kara spent her time outside the classroom developing skills in strategic communications and storytelling.  She was a communications assistant at the University of Washington Information School, where she managed digital communications and developed a system to measure communications impact.  Her work capturing unique brand voice and serving diverse audiences informs her approach to consulting today.

Across projects, Kara is most energized by opportunities to:

-Help clients clarify their goals and communicate them in compelling and actionable ways

-Bring authenticity to messaging by getting to the heart of organizations’ missions

-Grapple with complex challenges and develop sustainable solutions that serve all stakeholders

Aside from her interest in justice, Kara also nurtures a love for writing.  During undergrad, she minored in English and spent a month abroad in Rome, Italy for a creative writing program.  In her free time, she continues to write poetry and will occasionally perform her work at local open mics.

Areas of Expertise

Digital and Print Communications, Storytelling, Communications Strategy, Systems Thinking

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