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Abigail Husain

Associate Consultant, Executive Search

“I love meeting new people with various backgrounds and passions. As someone who understands the value of leadership and representation, I am excited to work with nonprofits to find talented individuals who will best fill a position and exceed goals and expectations.”

About Abigail Husain

Abigail recently graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Economics. While pursuing her degree, she served as a Public Relations chair for Philippine Student Association and oversaw event management and member participation. Abigail was also the Marketing Chair for Women in Economics, a student organization, which focused on representing and creating a community for women. Abigail applies an intersectional lens that she has developed through her past experiences to all her work.

Abigail is proud to be part of Campbell & Company’s Executive Search team, ranked one of the nation’s Top 10 search firms for women of color by Women of Color in Fundraising and Philanthropy (WOC)® two years in a row and one of the country’s best executive search firms for four years by Forbes Magazine. Across searches, Abigail is most eager to:

  • Learn more about nonprofit organizations and build an exemplary candidate pool
  • Meet candidates and gain an understanding of their passions and interests
  • Determine the ideal candidate for the position

When Abigail is not working, she enjoys baking, making crafts, and volunteering. Since graduating, she has been a volunteer at her local Food Distribution Center. She also partakes in any volunteer opportunities offered by her Filipino community. She is extremely interested in learning about diverse cultures and is always enthusiastic to make new connections.

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