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Beam Insights FAQ

Beam Insights FAQ

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What is Beam Insights?

A fundraising planning software that provides fundraisers the real-time insights they need to pivot, make decisions, and plan for what’s next.

What does Beam Insights do?

Beam Insights connects with your CRM or database and analyzes your data to help with campaign and annual planning, goal setting, and tracking. Your fundraisers get access to high-level data and in-depth analyses of your donor pool and can assess—in real time—donors’ capacity and progress towards fundraising goals.

How much does Beam Insights cost?

Beam Insights has a one-time setup fee of $2,000. After that, organizations pay a monthly fee: $500/month for small organizations and $1,000/month for large organizations. We base organization size on contributed revenue. Contact us to learn more.

What makes Beam Insights different?

Beam Insights was built by fundraisers, for fundraisers: Our consultants have been in your shoes and have a unique understanding of the challenges fundraisers and nonprofit leaders face. We created Beam Insights in consultation with nonprofit leaders across sectors to meet their needs, big and small.

Our software delivers real-time insights through a proprietary algorithm that regularly pulls information from your CRM or database. Through a simple interface and easy-to-use tools, you can access the right information at the right time. And with the full support of Campbell & Company, you have on-call guidance whenever you need it.

Learn more about what sets Beam Insights apart.

How can I try Beam Insights?

Sign up for a Beam Insights demo. Our team will set up a 1:1 meeting to walk you through the software’s features, functionality, and interface.

Is Beam Insights compatible with my CRM or database?

Beam Insights is compatible with any database that has automatic export capability as well as Blackbaud NXT.

Is Beam Insights accessible on smartphones?

Yes, Beam Insights is accessible and easy to use across all devices and screen sizes: mobile, desktop, laptop, and tablet.

Do I have to be an existing Campbell & Company client to use Beam Insights?

No, Beam Insights is a flexible platform, designed to fit your needs. It can be used on its own or bundled with fundraising counsel.