Sarah Babb

Associate Consultant, Communications

Sarah came to Campbell & Company after finishing an MA in religious ethics and philosophy at the University of Chicago. During her time as a graduate student, she was both inspired and challenged by the difficulty of communicating complex concepts to others in useful and meaningful ways. While she is fascinated by people and their relationships—both to ideas and to one another—Sarah is most interested in finding practical and purposeful ways to engage diverse audiences in focused and transformative conversations.

Among other professional experience, Sarah spent several summers as an instructor at Fort Wilderness Ministries’ Nature Center in McNoughton, Wisconsin, where she prepared and taught courses on a wide variety of subjects to people of all ages and abilities. She views teaching as an exercise in communication and enjoys drawing on skills developed in the classroom, both as a student and teacher, to help Campbell & Company’s clients make a difference in the real world.

Along with her MA, Sarah holds a BA in Political Science, Religious Studies, and Spanish Literature from Indiana University, where she graduated with highest distinction overall and honors in Political Science.