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In today's world, a LinkedIn profile is a necessity for all nonprofit leaders—absence from the professional networking site can raise a bigger red flag than even the weakest profile. A recent CareerBuilder study found that employers are 57 percent less likely to interview a prospect who doesn’t have an online presence.[1] In many ways, LinkedIn functions as a professional fingerprint. Executive search consultants use LinkedIn to research candidates, confirm work experience, and find contact information. Beyond these basic functions, LinkedIn also provides a means to gauge a candidate’s overall professionalism and sophistication. A sharp profile can make a lasting impression on a search consultant. To this end, my colleagues and I mined our broad experience working with top candidates and put together six recommendations to help nonprofit leaders get noticed on LinkedIn.

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How can we ignite young professional interest in philanthropy and fundraising? On May 16th, Campbell & Company tackled this weighty question during an On the Table lunch at our Chicago office with emerging and established nonprofit leaders from across the city. Organized by The Chicago Community Trust since 2014, On the Table brings together tens of thousands of Chicagoland residents who gather in small groups to discuss our region’s challenges and opportunities. The annual forum serves as a catalyst for conversation, collaboration, and action.

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Over the past 40 years, our firm has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to lead an organization: the vision, drive, temperament, and experiences necessary to set strategy and define direction. Through our partnerships with thousands of organizations, we know that nonprofit CEOs need a diverse set of skills, and fundraising expertise is a critical component of that skill set. During the last 10 years, every head of organization search conducted by our Executive Search practice has included fundraising as a major requirement. 

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Our Director of Executive Search Marian Alexander DeBerry recently contributed to the Giving Institute’s Member Insights blog, delving into the all-important CDO-CEO relationship. Drawing on our Executive Search practice’s extensive knowledge and the experiences of Josephinum Academy President Patti Tuomey, Marian discussed four ways CDOs can develop a collaborative partnership with their CEOs. The recommendations are designed to help CDOs excel in the present and set themselves up for future advancement to organizational leadership positions.

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In my experience with senior and C-suite level executive search, I have had the opportunity to look at various ways organizations aim to attract and retain talent. In an increasingly competitive market for fundraising talent, organizations have implemented performance incentive programs – which provide ways to increase pay beyond base salary – to boost their compensation packages. The questions often asked of me, however, is whether incentive programs are ethical or effective, and if so, how do they work. After conducting informal research, which consisted of asking peer nonprofit leaders for their thoughts on the topic, it became clear that there was an opportunity to further explore this area and understand more about how these reward programs work.   Particularly, healthcare institutions have found that performance incentive programs do encourage fundraising staff to meet goals.

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We sometimes work with organizations that have developed a culture of conflict rather than a culture of philanthropy, creating tensions between the CEO, the CDO and the CFO. Perhaps the CEO has a vision for growth that is unrealistic for the CDO to achieve. Or a CDO plans for a donation that doesn’t come in until the following fiscal year, throwing off the CFO’s projections and budget. Or the CFO demands clear outcome metrics from the CDO’s monthly efforts, without considering that long-term relationship building is an investment that is difficult to measure.

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Since joining Campbell & Company’s Executive Search practice six years ago, I have reviewed countless resumes for nonprofits across the U.S. For any given search I’m working on, I receive dozens of resumes, some better than others. There is a lot of advice out there about how to craft a strong resume, and much of it is conflicting, not to mention confusing. Recently, more people have been asking me for advice on their resume – even at the end of an interview, which they got because I liked what I saw on their resume.

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Originally published October 15, 2014; updated March 19, 2020

While the use of videoconferencing as a recruitment tool has gained traction in recent years, social distancing efforts to combat COVID-19 present an opportunity for nonprofits to get more comfortable conducting video interviews—and keep the hiring process moving.

Temporarily moving the entire recruitment process to technology platforms will allow organizations to maintain momentum and prepare them for a future which relies on these tools more frequently.

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