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In 2013, Collins Group joined forces with Campbell & Company, a national nonprofit consulting and executive search firm. Over the past four years, we have worked hard to integrate our teams, learn from each other, and build on our collective strengths. September 1st marks the last step of our integration as we retire the Collins Group name and unify under the Campbell & Company name and identity. Collins Group will be known as the Campbell & Company Northwest team going forward. This milestone allows us to stay true to our team approach and advance our mission to collaborate and innovate with people who change lives through philanthropic vision and action.  

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March 1st brings important changes to Collins Group, a division of Campbell & Company, and two influential leaders in the Northwest nonprofit landscape. Kate Roosevelt, Executive Vice President, will take on managerial responsibilities for Collins Group and for the West Coast operations of the combined firm. Aggie Sweeney, Division President and CEO, will begin a new full-time role as Senior Counsel for the firm.

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Aggie Sweeney’s career has spanned four decades, touching all philanthropic sectors, influencing her peers, and making a mark on the face of fundraising in the Northwest. On March 1st, she begins a new full-time role as Senior Counsel for Collins Group, a division of Campbell & Company, after serving as Division President & CEO. Aggie has a long history with Collins Group, joining in 1999, becoming President and CEO in 2004, and leading the firm as it joined forces with Campbell & Company in 2013.

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The desire many donors have for their generosity to be remembered in some tangible way has been a part of philanthropy for a long time. In fact, the first evidence we have of physical donor recognition goes back some 5,000 years; anthropologists believe that the benefactor of an ancient Sumerian temple is represented on—wait for it—a plaque on the temple wall.*

Naming opportunities are a time-honored way for organizations to leverage significant gifts during capital campaigns. And historically, those rights have been granted in perpetuity. But complications have begun to arise, now that these one-time gifts’ legacies are outlasting the useful lives of the buildings themselves. In other words, when it’s time to renovate or replace an aging facility, organizations find themselves having to fund a campaign without being able to offer donors that time-tested plaque on the wall.

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Until recently, I was not a fan of crowdsourced fundraising. Just the words “crowdsourced” and “crowdfunding” conjured up a mental image of the mindless masses, which is so contrary to what we fundraising professionals preach as ultimate truth: relationship-based fundraising. People won’t give unless they have a relationship with the organization and its people, and unless they are connected to the mission. How can they make that connection in a crowd of people patched together from all over the Internet?

What I didn’t take into account is that, in the age of social media, people relate to each other, often and effectively, online. Social media is being used more and more to organize and mobilize local movements, and the Northwest—a global hub for technology and innovation—is no exception. Two recent successes of clients right here in the Puget Sound region—Intiman Theatre and Friends of 88.5 FM—helped me think differently about crowdsourced fundraising. Done correctly, it is a natural extension of tried and true best fundraising practices.

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Since joining Collins Group, a division of Campbell & Company, five years ago, James Plourde has been instrumental in expanding the impact of several organizations, most notably in the fields of education, healthcare, arts and culture, and faith-based nonprofits. A long-time Tacoma resident, James continues to position Collins Group as the firm of choice in the South Sound region and is a member of the of AFP-South Sound Board of Directors. He has served as lead counsel for phenomenally successful campaigns for Friends of 88.5/KPLU, MultiCare, Catholic Community Services, and Bishop Blanchet High School (currently underway). And his contribution as a thought leader in our sector is substantial, insightful, and often a breath of fresh air. But what we love most about James is that he is a true "people person" - his clients (and colleagues!) feel cared for, listened to, and valued. Please join us in congratulating James for this much deserved step forward in his career!

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Thursday, September 12, 2013 - Campbell & Company is excited to announce that Collins Group, a Seattle-based fundraising consulting firm, is now a division of Campbell & Company. 

Collins Group, which will keep its name, will continue to be based in Seattle in close proximity to nonprofits throughout the Northwest. This union will strengthen the capabilities and talents of both firms as they continue to offer outstanding services to nonprofit institutions across the region and throughout the country. 

"We at Campbell & Company are truly excited about coming together with Collins Group. By joining two firms with long histories of outstanding client service, we believe both organizations will be immeasurably strengthened," states Peter Fissinger, President & Chief Executive Officer, Campbell & Company. "Collins Group has an already-outstanding reputation. While Collins Group clients will continue to receive service from their consultants, they will now have access to services not previously provided by Collins. We are all looking forward to a stronger future together." 

Combined, Campbell & Company and Collins Group have provided exemplary consulting services to over 2,000 nonprofit organizations in the past three decades. This extensive experience informs the work of each firm and benefits both current and future nonprofit clients. In addition to the services that Collins Group offers, Northwest organizations will have access to services that Campbell & Company provides, such as executive search, strategic information services, and donor communications and marketing. 

"Together, with Campbell & Company, we will be able to offer Northwest nonprofits an expanded continuum of advancement services to realize their visions. The combination of personalized consultation with access to additional services offers value to current and future Collins Group clients. It's a win-win for both firms and for nonprofits," states Aggie Sweeney, President & CEO, Collins Group.

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