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The AHP Annual Report on Giving for FY2011 shows continued growth in healthcare fundraising.  “As we move into 2013, hospitals and other healthcare organizations have reason to be encouraged about their philanthropic potential,” says Adam Wilhelm, Senior Consultant at Campbell & Company, a national fundraising consulting and executive search firm based in Chicago.  “On average, we have seen healthcare giving not only rise to pre-recession levels, but reach its highest level in more than a decade.” 

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The recently released Giving USA 2013 report describes broad trends in healthcare philanthropy. Here, we break down important trends from the report and make broad recommendations for healthcare organizations as they build their fundraising programs. We welcome your thoughts and questions; please don’t hesitate to contact Adam Wilhelm at   

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People love parties. Well most people. As fundraising consultants, sometimes we shiver at the long list of events our healthcare clients manage.  

Events have been a cornerstone of healthcare fundraising for decades, but the time, expense and organization required to manage them is mind-boggling, especially compared to other forms of fundraising. 
People feel more comfortable selling‑and buying‑experiences. For organizations, they’re great opportunities to showcase messages and find new friends. Donors only feel the need to make a single gift, as opposed the pressure of a commitment.   

Fundraising is all about building relationships, so we recommend that organizations leverage events to engage donors and prospects for the long-term.   

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When it comes to our own health, we’re probably a bit selfish. We want to be the most important patient that our healthcare providers see on any given day, receiving unlimited one-on-one attention. We all theorize that this sort of healthcare was so much better back in the day. And of course we all long for personalized relationships with the people we entrust with our health, and ultimately our lives.

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