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With fall right around the corner, development teams are starting to gear up for end-of-year fundraising. Since 2012, GivingTuesday has grown into an important part of the year-end push for many organizations around the country and across the globe.

But in such an unprecedented year, will GivingTuesday look different—and should your approach change? To help your team prepare and pivot, we answered four FAQs related to navigating GivingTuesday during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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These past months have been filled with so much learning: we’ve become Zoom experts, virtual party planners, and even ad hoc teachers for our children.  

The Campbell & Company team has picked up some new skills that have staying power long after the quarantine ends. Through practice, trial, and perhaps a bit of error, we’ve learned how to run a well-oiled virtual volunteer meeting, and we wanted to share the wealth. Read on for 10 tips to help you run your next virtual meeting with your board or fundraising committee.

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COVID-19 shook up our plans this spring in a big way, and it will continue to affect our daily lives and work for months to come. As states have begun to re-open, they have adopted new measures to limit crowds, maintain social distancing, and keep people healthy.

These changes—and the impossibility of predicting exactly how they will impact individual behavior—are causing many nonprofits to ask: What should we do about our fall fundraising events? If your organization relies on fall events to generate revenue, now is the time to create a plan.

This means choosing between three pathways:

  1. Moving forward with an in-person event that will inevitably look and feel different from past years, with a contingency plan to go virtual on short notice if necessary
  2. Proactively moving the event to a virtual platform
  3. Canceling the event and identifying another means for securing the needed revenue

Read on to learn about three steps we suggest you take before deciding on a pathway and review a list of considerations to guide you once you’ve chosen.

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In recent weeks, every nonprofit organization in the country has grappled with new challenges. While these challenges differ from sector to sector and from region to region, for most organizations, business as usual is no longer possible.

With that in mind, your fundraising strategies don’t need to be put on pause, but they do need to shift. Outreach to your top supporters should keep happening (over the phone and videoconferencing) with strategies that reflect the current moment. Simultaneously, organizations that have the bandwidth should plan for what comes next, identifying prospects to cultivate now for asks later.

For most organizations, the challenge will be using limited resources effectively. To rise to the moment, we recommend a three-stage process—get ready, get set, go!—which any organization can execute in as little as three weeks. While this process will involve your entire team, success will allow you to secure gifts now and build capacity for the long term.

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Many organizations that are directly responding to elevated community needs are seeing an influx of donors during the COVID-19 crisis. This includes (but isn’t limited to) hospitals and health providers, food banks, organizations working on equitable technology access for students, and organizations addressing domestic violence and homelessness.

Responding to donors during this chaotic time can be challenging—but bringing them into your community will be critical.

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Whether you’re beginning your campaign, ready for your public phase launch, or somewhere in between, your organization is grappling with tough questions right now. You’re likely wondering how the COVID-19 pandemic and a possible economic downturn will impact your fundraising campaign and what steps you should take to adapt.

While this is an unprecedented time, we can navigate the current environment by looking back at lessons from other challenging times and doubling down on campaign fundamentals. We shared three key recommendations below to help set up your campaign for continued success.

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As nonprofit organizations respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for funding is increasing. Organizations must continue soliciting donors to fill funding gaps while respecting the current economic climate.

In response to this time of need, GivingTuesday is launching another international day of giving: #GivingTuesdayNow. Scheduled for May 5, 2020, this emergency response aims to drive philanthropy to nonprofits that are serving our communities during this global crisis.  

Your organization may be deciding whether to participate in this special day of giving, dedicating finite resources to planning and day-of management. Use our recommendations below to guide your decision-making process and make the most of #GivingTuesdayNow if you do opt in.  

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As we monitor the news from national and public health authorities about coronavirus and follow guidelines to help slow its spread, Campbell & Company is also committed to helping our clients and the sector at large navigate financial challenges posed by the pandemic.

While the depth of COVID-19’s economic impact is hard to predict at this point, we’re encouraged to see so many organizations leveraging digital resources and technology to continue their work. Colleges and universities are moving to remote learning, conferences are going virtual, and corporations are equipping employees to work from home.

But what about fundraising? How can nonprofits remain connected to their constituents and raise the revenue their programs require in these days of social distancing? Here are four ways we recommend using digital engagement to maintain fundraising momentum—even if it means flipping the script.

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Major gift work is demanding. As a frontline fundraiser, you need to stay laser-focused on donors to build relationships, meet goals, and fund vital programs. It’s difficult to take a step back and look at the big picture—but that context can make you a better fundraiser.

How is the sector changing? What developments are impacting who gives and how they show their generosity? Do we need to change the way we raise money in response?

We distilled five of the most important trends shaping the fundraising landscape into a quick overview for our busy audience. Read on for our roundup, plus one strategy per trend to help you adapt. 

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After closing out one decade and moving into the next, the Campbell & Company executive team came together to discuss fundraising trends facing the nonprofit sector moving forward.

From recession worries to fundraising ethics to broad-based giving, Peter, Julia, and Kate commented on the challenges, opportunities, and new developments that have their attention. Read on for their insights and recommendations.

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