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As frontline fundraisers, we know that the best practice is to build a prospect's relationship with the organization rather than with us as individuals. We do this so that if and when we depart from our roles, the donor will likely maintain their philanthropic relationship with the organization. However, we can acknowledge that we naturally develop relationships with one another it's only natural! So, what can organizations do to minimize the risk of diminished relationships when a staff member departs?

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The organizations working on the frontlines of environmental issues today are faced with myriad compelling opportunities to engage with a wide range of constituents (especially marginalized and underrepresented communities), to build inclusive movements, to transform policy, and to respond to the effects of climate change on people, wildlife, and landscapes. On this 52nd anniversary of Earth Day, we reflect on some trending themes in the sector: 

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During National Women’s History Month, let’s take the time to remember and acknowledge women history makers and think about how we are inciting change for women in today’s environment. In addition to leading the fight for gender equality, women are actively combating racism, prejudice, lack of access, and other systemic aggressions. These factors emphasize the need for intersectionality in the work toward equity and justice.

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When news broke here in Seattle that a local hospital had offered last-minute vaccine spots to its age-eligible major donors, the most surprising thing to me was how surprised people were.

Shortly thereafter, we learned that several other hospitals in the area, as well as others across the country, had offered similar access to VIP donors, and it became clear that this was not simply a bad decision by a single team or a taken-out-of-context issue more rooted in optics than ethics.

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The state of the world has made us want to connect with more of you, more often. For the rest of 2020, the Campbell & Company Communications team is sharing a new article every week that explores a topic in case development and fundraising communications, drawn from our work.

Whether it’s thinking about how to approach fundraising communications against the backdrop of current events or tackling an evergreen challenge we see time and time again in nonprofits across the sector, these articles focus on practical tips to empower fundraising leaders in their day-to-day work. Subscribe to the series here.

Well folks, the end of 2020 is in sight. 

We’ve made our way through all 100 months of the year, wave after wave of Covid-19and one massive election counted and recounted a dozen times

Working from our homes and closets, we’ve moved our whole fundraising, communications, and event strategies online with a combination of brilliant strategic maneuvering and absolute freestyling. 

Over here on the Campbell Communications team, we’ve worked with our colleagues to navigate as many different client quandaries and creative challenges as there are stars in the nonprofit skythrown together this article series on an educated whim, and put out 25 or so articles and a half dozen webinars. 

So, what have we learned? Apart from the fact that we all need a nap. 

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To guide your major gift team as they navigate uncertainty, we compiled an article collection that explores how to make the most of the four pillars of major gift fundraising—Leadership, Staff & Systems, Case for Support, and Donor Engagement—in times of crisis.

If your organization is navigating a challenging situation, we know now more than ever is the time to stick to your mission and implement best practices. In this collection, we share strategies to help build relationships, leverage donor data, tweak donor communications, and retain high-performing fundraisers.

Download the article collection.

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COVID-19 has challenged nonprofits like never before—and nonprofits have risen to the occasion in their own unique ways.

In this podcast series, we explore how nonprofits are adapting their fundraising strategies to a difficult moment. We sat down (virtually, of course) with leaders from across the sector to hear what they have been doing and what they have learned. Follow us as we discover strategies that have helped a diverse array of organizations survive and thrive during a challenging time. 

Our fifth episode features Campbell & Company Vice President and Director, East Region Christina Yoon, PhD speaking with Bruce Lederman, President and Chief Executive Officer for Charles E. Smith Life Communities.

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