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Since joining Collins Group, a division of Campbell & Company, five years ago, James Plourde has been instrumental in expanding the impact of several organizations, most notably in the fields of education, healthcare, arts and culture, and faith-based nonprofits. A long-time Tacoma resident, James continues to position Collins Group as the firm of choice in the South Sound region and is a member of the of AFP-South Sound Board of Directors. He has served as lead counsel for phenomenally successful campaigns for Friends of 88.5/KPLU, MultiCare, Catholic Community Services, and Bishop Blanchet High School (currently underway). And his contribution as a thought leader in our sector is substantial, insightful, and often a breath of fresh air. But what we love most about James is that he is a true "people person" - his clients (and colleagues!) feel cared for, listened to, and valued. Please join us in congratulating James for this much deserved step forward in his career!

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Bruce Matthews, Vice President of Campbell & Company, spent 36 years in the nonprofit community before recently announcing his retirement from a career marked by significant contributions to fundraising in both development and as one of development’s most trusted client service partners.

Known by clients as an experienced relationship-builder who brought singular expertise into new regions while expanding the higher-education services at Campbell & Company, where he spent the last 17 years, Bruce has been instrumental in the success and growth of the firm. With a deep knowledge of higher education, healthcare and human services, and arts and culture, Bruce is one of the industry’s foremost specialists at transforming organizations—and their donors—through gifts.

“Bruce joined Campbell & Company after a long career in higher education,” noted President and CEO Peter Fissinger. “He raised our higher education expertise and displayed a work ethic, responsibility, and dependability that clients and colleagues have valued immensely.”

Bruce recently shared his perspective on the industry and his clients during his illustrious career in the nonprofit community.

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Marc Hilton, Vice President of Campbell & Company, recently announced his retirement after nearly four decades of outstanding service to the nonprofit community. Known as a valued and respected leader who has contributed significantly to the philanthropic industry, Marc joined Campbell & Company in April 1991, and has been a core contributor to the success and growth of the firm. Over the years, he has served arts and culture organizations, professional societies, institutions of higher education, human service organizations, research libraries, historical societies, and more. 

“Marc has always been a tireless advocate for his clients. Anyone who has worked with him recognizes his deep commitment to furthering his clients’ work. He strives to make sure they receive the highest quality of service and outcomes possible,” said President and CEO Peter Fissinger.

Marc recently shared his reflections on his 39-year career.

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Chicago, IL (April 14, 2016) – On Thursday, April 14, Campbell & Company gathered to celebrate three senior members of the firm on their retirements. It was a special evening commemorating the achievements and contributions of Marc Hilton, Vice President, Bruce Matthews, Vice President, and Susan Lindahl, Director of Finance & Administration. “Marc, Bruce, and Sue have been very valuable members of our team and community, playing critical roles in Campbell & Company’s continued growth and success. Our colleagues are honored to have worked with and learned from each,” said President and CEO Peter Fissinger, who shared milestones and anecdotes marketing each of the honorees’ significant tenures.

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Chicago, IL (December 3, 2015) – Earlier this week, #GivingTuesday once again reached record levels, raising a total of $116.7 million dollars, an increase of 155 percent compared to last year’s total funds raised, according to #GivingTuesday’s reported 2015 results. This year, 698,961 donors participated in the movement, making 1.08 million gifts worldwide, and garnering over 114 billion impressions on Twitter. Since its inception in 2012, the movement has surpassed the previous year’s record-level achievements, which points to a continuing trend in philanthropy: Americans are giving more money to nonprofits.

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Indianapolis, IN (October 29, 2015) – It was a night filled with excitement and honor, as our very own Edith Falk, Co-Founder, former Chair and CEO of Campbell & Company, was awarded the 2015 Henry A. Rosso Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Ethical Fundraising award last Thursday, October 29, 2015 at the Rosso Medal dinner. The award recognizes Edith’s 40 years of experience in institutional advancement and her continuous dedication to providing organizations with the highest quality of service. “All of our colleagues at Campbell & Company are proud of Edith and the contributions she has made to our field. The Rosso Award is a testament to Edith’s commitment to the profession and the impact she has made on the firm. Her exemplary service to the nonprofit community and exceptional leadership has instilled an intrinsic dedication to ethics in the services we bring our clients,” said Peter Fissinger, President and CEO of Campbell & Company, who also attended the event.

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Earlier this year, Melissa Berliner and Kelly Short were promoted to the position of Vice President. Each is known for her tremendous experience in helping nonprofits achieve their goals and for her integral role in furthering Campbell & Company’s success.

 “Melissa and Kelly possess a wealth of knowledge and a wide array of experience that has provided our clients with the highest quality of service. Their analytical and strategic perspectives have contributed to the growth of our firm, and we know that they will continue to further our footprint while providing our clients with extraordinary work,” said President and CEO, Peter Fissinger. To learn more about their new roles, we recently sat down with Melissa and Kelly, who told us more about their positions, their careers, and their future goals.

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