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The Campbell & Company East Region team is pleased to announce the addition of a new Senior Consultant, based in the Boston area. Caitlin Bristow joined the team in May from Campbell & Company’s Chicago office.

Since joining the firm in 2014, Caitlin has worked with clients across regions and sectors. She has also developed deep expertise in higher education and independent school fundraising, exemplified by her work with the Fenn School in Concord, MA on a successful two-year, $20 million campaign.

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At Campbell & Company, we see every day how nonprofit organizations activate movements and help us all envision a more just and equitable world. It’s one of the reasons we love our work so much.

We also know that philanthropy itself brings up inherent questions of power, especially given inequitable access to wealth that has historically given more influence to larger donors and often benefited already-well-resourced organizations. The sector has often struggled with how to be anti-racist and fully inclusive of people of color, and we are committed to walking with our nonprofit partners in this work.

As such, we are inviting nominations for nonprofits engaged directly in racial equity work who might benefit from our nonprofit consulting services on a pro-bono basis. We are seeking partners who are committed to racial equity as part of their central mission.

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At the end of February, Senior Counsel Aggie Sweeney is retiring, capping off a four-decade professional career devoted to advancing the nonprofit sector and strengthening communities throughout the Northwest.

Aggie joined Collins Group in 1999, became President and CEO in 2004, and led the firm as it joined forces with Campbell & Company in 2013. She transitioned to her current Senior Counsel role in 2017, spending more time working with clients, mentoring consultants, and serving as Chair of the Giving USA Foundation Board.

To mark this occasion and celebrate her legacy, we asked Aggie to reflect on her time with our firm and share her perspective on the Northwest nonprofit sector.

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In 2013, Collins Group joined forces with Campbell & Company, a national nonprofit consulting and executive search firm. Over the past four years, we have worked hard to integrate our teams, learn from each other, and build on our collective strengths. September 1st marks the last step of our integration as we retire the Collins Group name and unify under the Campbell & Company name and identity. Collins Group will be known as the Campbell & Company Northwest team going forward. This milestone allows us to stay true to our team approach and advance our mission to collaborate and innovate with people who change lives through philanthropic vision and action.  

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On April 3rd, the Washington, DC office of Campbell & Company added a new Senior Consultant to its ranks, enhancing the team’s ability to serve clients and impact nonprofits on the East Coast. Elise Krikau joined the experienced consulting team from Campbell & Company’s Chicago office. Her strong background in higher education and healthcare will benefit the DC region, where Campbell & Company has operated an office for 25 years and continues to enjoy close partnerships with area organizations.

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March 1st brings important changes to Collins Group, a division of Campbell & Company, and two influential leaders in the Northwest nonprofit landscape. Kate Roosevelt, Executive Vice President, will take on managerial responsibilities for Collins Group and for the West Coast operations of the combined firm. Aggie Sweeney, Division President and CEO, will begin a new full-time role as Senior Counsel for the firm.

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Aggie Sweeney’s career has spanned four decades, touching all philanthropic sectors, influencing her peers, and making a mark on the face of fundraising in the Northwest. On March 1st, she begins a new full-time role as Senior Counsel for Collins Group, a division of Campbell & Company, after serving as Division President & CEO. Aggie has a long history with Collins Group, joining in 1999, becoming President and CEO in 2004, and leading the firm as it joined forces with Campbell & Company in 2013.

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