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Updated, accurate prospect and donor data supports campaign and major gift success. Understanding where your prospects are in the relationship management cycle, their philanthropic capacity, and recent giving can inform important strategies to get you closer to your goals.

As you plan and execute a fundraising initiative or campaign, prospect and donor data will play a critical role in each phase of the process—and our fundraising planning software Beam Insights can help you along the way. Beam Insights analyzes information from your database and displays it in an easy-to-understand format.

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Successful fundraising balances the art of persuasion and the science of behavior. The art, crafting a compelling case for support that can persuade a potential donor to invest, complements the science, understanding the donor’s giving patterns, interests, and financial capacity to give.

The art is learned over time as a fundraiser grows in their experience; the science, especially in understanding donor capacity, is right at our fingertips—we just need to know how to find it. Data analytics is at the heart of understanding donor capacity, and you do not have to be a data expert to access this information.

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Over the past several months, many organizations have seen an influx of new donors. Organizations focused on racial justice. Social service agencies. Hospitals. The list goes on. If your organization has experienced an uptick in support, we encourage you to first focus on retaining these supporters beyond the crisis moment.

As you work to make a strong first impression, engage donors meaningfully, and quickly renew them, consider future upgrades. Which of your new supporters have the potential to become major donors down the road, and where should you place your focus?

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For almost every nonprofit organization, COVID-19 has placed a strain on essential resources in one way or another. Some are fighting to remain viable in the face of a total shutdown of their operating model. Others are experiencing skyrocketing demand and an outpouring of generosity from their communities. Still more are somewhere in the middle.

What all organizations have in common, though, is continued pressure to raise money at or above previous levels, all while trying to conserve resources in an uncertain environment.

To thread the needle between increased fundraising needs and scarce resources to meet those needs, you’ll need to think critically. Our Strategic Information Services team recently shared a process all organizations can follow—in as little as three weeks—to develop a crisis fundraising strategy using their donor data.

Beyond following that all-purpose process, we recommend using an approach tailored to the way the pandemic has impacted your organization. Below, we walk through fundraising approaches designed for organizations facing three different realities:

  • “We are fighting to survive.”
  • “This is our moment.”
  • “We’re not on the front lines, and we’re not sure what we should be doing.”

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A great deal has changed over the last two months, and our schools have been the epicenter of so much upheaval and adaptation. As development professionals, we need to support our independent school communities by checking in, asking for feedback, involving volunteers where we can, and helping to plan culmination celebrations.

While we steward our communities today, we also need to prepare for a 2020-2021 school year that is shaping up to look very different from the past. Below, we walk through several ways you can manage uncertainty and set the stage for a successful year, from new family engagement to fundraising planning.

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Fundraisers are adapting quickly to these unprecedented times—adjusting fundraising strategies, recalibrating goals, and engaging prospects creatively. At the same time, boards and volunteer leaders want to know how organizations are accounting for the current climate.

What is the projected fundraising revenue for this fiscal year? How will the current environment affect our campaign projections? How are you engaging supporters when you can’t meet in person? What changes are you making to fundraising goals for the next fiscal year?  

Campbell & Company developed a new software product, Beam Insights, that helps leaders make fundraising plans for a strong future.

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