Engage Alumni Online: 8 Strategies to Boost Your Efforts and ROI

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How do I build relationships with alumni? Every higher education institution is grappling with this question, from the largest public universities to the smallest liberal arts colleges.

Campbell & Company addressed this challenge in the 2018 study, “Alumni Engagement: Best Practices for Building Long-Term Relationships,” and our team continues to focus on creative solutions to the alumni engagement question. While there are no silver bullets, applying best practices from online fundraising to your alumni engagement efforts can help move the needle.

Download our strategy sheet to engage alumni online.

In this strategy sheet, our Online Fundraising and Higher Education teams detailed eight ways your institution can develop closer bonds with alumni, boosting your ROI and setting the stage for robust long-term fundraising.

Our recommendations cover everything from alumni personas to user-generated content, virtual events to giving days and beyond. We share how to involve your alumni board and integrate online initiatives and print campaigns. It is our hope that these sophisticated strategies will help you meet your alumni where they are and build closer, more meaningful relationships with them. 

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