Nonprofit Organizations' Significant Increase in Fundraising Campaign Involvement

fundraising_campaigns_nrc_studyJanuary 11, 2016 (Chicago, IL) – In 2015, nearly half (46 percent) of nonprofit organizations reported to be currently involved in a campaign, either capital, endowment, comprehensive, or special campaigns, according to a recent report released by the Nonprofit Research Collaborative (NRC). In this study, The Special Report on Nonprofit Fundraising Campaigns, the NRC surveyed over 1,071 organizations during the summer of 2015 and assessed their involvement in fundraising vehicles such as capital, endowment, comprehensive, or special campaigns. The report also provides insight regarding overall charitable receipts in early 2015 including regional, sector, and organizational size comparisons.

Key Findings

  • Between one-third to just over half of the participating organizations saw increases in fundraising receipts from the most often used fundraising avenues, including major gifts, foundation grants, and direct response/mail.

  • Educational organizations and very large sized organizations are more likely to have run campaigns in the past, be in a campaign currently, or plan on running one in the near future.

  • Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of organizations had launched a capital, endowment, or comprehensive campaign at some point in the past, prior to any current campaigns.

  • Major gifts receipts rose at 55 percent of the organizations that were surveyed. In 2014, major gifts receipts rose at 45 percent of participating organizations.

  • Compared to 2014, 59 percent of organizations saw fundraising receipts increase from January to June 2015 during the same time – an increase from 52 percent of organizations in 2014 and 58 percent of organizations in 2013.

  • Charitable receipts rose at 71 percent of organizations in the Education subsector – a significant increase from 58 percent of the organizations in 2014. This subsector had the highest percentage of survey participants reporting growth in charitable gifts received.

  • Sixty three percent of organizations in the Human Services subsector saw charitable receipts increase – significant growth from 48 percent reporting an increase last year. This is the first time that more than half of Human Services charities have seen an increase as of mid-year since the NRC began tracking in 2011.

Overall the results indicate organization’s continued commitment in leveraging diversified fundraising efforts to achieve their fundraising goals. For more information, view the full report here.

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