Tapping into Nontraditional Fundraising Talent: A Research Study

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Nontraditional-Fundraising-Talent-CoverWith the country at nearly full employment, hiring managers are feeling the pinch of a tight workforce. Traditionally, higher employment signals accelerated turnover and more spirited bidding for top talent.

Even in less competitive talent environments, nonprofits have faced significant challenges in hiring experienced fundraisers for more than a decade. As philanthropic revenues become more important to the success of all organizations, higher education institutions have set ambitious goals for comprehensive campaigns that require large teams of effective fundraisers.

With seasoned development officers in high demand, universities and colleges are engaged in a battle with each other for proven fundraisers. Heavy competition for existing talent has led to inflated compensation packages yet shorter tenures for college and university fundraisers while doing little to increase the supply of talent.

Download our original research and explore our findings. 

When the Campbell & Company Executive Search team set out to explore the state of advancement talent recruiting in higher education, we wanted to hear not only of the struggles but also of the successes. What is failing? What is working well? Where can we make improvements? Which approaches can be replicated industrywide?

This study presents the results of our qualitative and quantitative research through an in-depth discussion of six key themes, supported by quotes from advancement leaders and survey results. 

The Campbell & Company Executive Search team is dedicated to helping nonprofits find standout leaders that grow and thrive in their positions over the long term. If you have questions about our study findings, please don't hesitate to contact me.