Is My Nonprofit’s Website Mobile-Friendly?


Google is rewarding sites it deems “mobile-friendly” and penalizing those that are not. As of Tuesday, April 21, sites that are not compliant with Google’s Mobile Optimization Guidelines will not rank as high in Google’s mobile search.

Why does mobile-friendly matter?

With mobile search continuing to grow (60% of online traffic is from mobile, according to ComScore), the importance of reaching your donors and constituency through mobile is essential. However, this change could mean that when someone tries to find your organization’s website using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, it may be harder to find.

What does mobile-friendly mean?

While there is plenty of disagreement on what exact technical specifications make a website mobile-friendly, there are three basic premises:

  • Pages should load quickly
  • Common tasks, like making an online donation, should be simple and easy
  • The webpages should be designed for mobile, whether through “responsive web design” (it looks good when viewed on screens of different sizes) or through a mobile-only, dedicated version of your site

How can we tell if our site is mobile-friendly?

Google has devised an easy and free Mobile-Friendly Test to find out if your organization’s site is in danger of being demoted. All you do is type in your organization’s url, and it spits out a yes or no judgment.

How do we fix it?

If you learn that your site is not mobile-friendly, don’t panic! There is a lot you can do to make your pages load faster, function more smoothly, and improve the mobile user experience. Google provides several resources to get you started, although if you do not have a web designer and/or IT support to help you sort through the recommendations, you may need outside help. Our firm has a team focused on and dedicated to advancing your organization’s online presence, with the added value of special insight into the donor’s online experience and the kinds of challenges that are unique to nonprofits.

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Sarah Barnes

As an Online Fundraising Consultant, Sarah Barnes works with organizations to optimize their online presence through analyzing data that ultimately reveals strategies for the future. In her work with clients, Sarah most values opportunities to review and assess online data from multiple channels such as an organization’s website, social media channels and email marketing initiatives, to inform decisions, as well as working closely with organizations to brainstorm and identify and optimize strategic online fundraising initiatives.