3 Quick Tips for #GivingTuesday Success

giving_tuesday_planGivingTuesday is fast approaching and excitement around the day is growing. Plans are being executed, tweets are being posted, and gifts may have already started to arrive as a result of your efforts. If this describes your #GivingTuesday campaign then you are likely on your way to success. However, the reality of day to day demands and expectations of your other fundraising programs can get in the way of a fully executed plan, so if you are struggling to gain momentum these last few weeks before December 1st, here are some quick tips to jump start your progress: 

  1. Send out an e-mail that reminds constituents about #GivingTuesday and what it is. Provide links to the #GivingTuesday website and use the hashtag—it will connect all participants on December 1st. Articulate how your organization will benefit from #GivingTuesday. What will the money that is raised benefit? What is your goal? How can supporters help? It is important to include links to your social media platforms in this e-mail and remember to keep track of the traffic on each platform.
  1. Now that you’ve sent an e- mail, resulting in more traction on social media platforms, tweet, post, and share! Engage your followers as much as possible before December 1st. Linking to your twitter and Facebook will also maximize your posts. Are you feeling overwhelmed with the magnitude of posts that you need to execute on? Send out a social media blast when you get to work in the morning, at lunch and before you leave in the evening—this is an easy way to remember to engage your followers multiple times throughout the day.
  1. Create tweets for your volunteers to post and send them personalized e-mails asking for their help in broadening your organization’s social media reach. The best volunteers to engage via social media are often your younger constituency—they are likely more active on twitter and can expand your reach quickly and easily. Writing the posts for them makes it easy for them to copy and paste within seconds!

Stay tuned for more Campbell & Company tips as we approach #GivingTuesday and take a look at our “Short and Sweet Guide to #GivingTuesday: A Toolkit for Nonprofits, Version 2.0”.

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Caitlin Bristow

Caitlin Bristow is a Senior Consultant at Campbell & Company. A leader of our Higher Education practice and alumni engagement work, she partners with nonprofits across sectors to help them build philanthropic support and deepen donor relationships.