Five Key Elements to Consider When Onboarding New Team Members

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It’s the start of the new year, hiring is in full swing, and organizations are preparing to welcome and onboard new employees at every level. 

There’s no doubt, we’re living through The Great Resignation. When an organization has great onboarding practices, 69% of employees are expected to stay for at least three years! As we work to build new teams, strong, organized onboarding plans produce these outcomes:

  • Greater confidence for new staff members and team
  • Clarity about expectations
  • Positive social integration and cultural alignment
  • Higher productivity

My colleagues, Kris McFeely, Marian DeBerry, and Start Early’s Senior Vice President, People & Culture, Daphne Logan, discussed How to Successfully Onboard Nonprofit Team Members earlier this year, and with that in mind, we’ve highlighted our "5 Key Elements to Consider When Onboarding New Team Members."

Five Key Onboarding - Infographic Snippet - 300 DPI -  January 2022

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Remember, onboarding is a fluid process, and solicit feedback along the way to continue to refine and improve the plan. Establish focus groups or cohorts with new staff for their support and check in with them regularly to understand their evolving onboarding needs.

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