Campbell & Company Announces Leadership Transition in Northwest Division, Collins Group

Kate-Roosevelt.jpgMarch 1st brings important changes to Collins Group, a division of Campbell & Company, and two influential leaders in the Northwest nonprofit landscape. Kate Roosevelt, Executive Vice President, will take on managerial responsibilities for Collins Group and for the West Coast operations of the combined firm. Aggie Sweeney, Division President and CEO, will begin a new full-time role as Senior Counsel for the firm.

Since joining Collins in 2000, Kate has advised more than 90 nonprofits and helped her clients raise more than half a billion dollars. In leading Collins Group, she will build on Aggie’s strong legacy, working to maintain the high level of service organizations have come to expect from the division. “During her tenure as Executive Vice President of Collins, Kate has proven herself time and again, becoming an invaluable partner to me throughout the last six years,” says Aggie. “This new position will allow Kate to make an even greater impact on Campbell & Company and its clients, especially in the West.” 

Moving forward, Kate’s drive to go above and beyond for nonprofits will guide her leadership. She is eager to continue extending Campbell & Company’s full menu of nonprofit consulting services—including communications, analytics, and executive search—to clients in the Northwest. Kate will continue to explore how to provide a seamless client experience, integrating services between the once individual firms.  She is equally focused on growing and strengthening the Collins team. In her words, “Our firm is a collection of people, and I look forward to mentoring and supporting the success of my colleagues.”

“Kate has been an incredible partner in this journey to join forces. Her wealth of experience and collaborative approach will continue to lead the Collins Group team to new heights,” says Peter Fissinger, President and Chief Executive Officer of Campbell & Company. “We thank Aggie for her passionate leadership and dedication to managing this division and look forward to having her help us build our capabilities further.”

As Aggie transitions, she will remain deeply engaged with the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, drawing on decades of experience and extensive fundraising knowledge.  Aggie will continue to serve clients, bringing her unique perspective to nonprofits in the Northwest. In addition, she will have more time to spend inspiring the next generation of fundraisers, both as a mentor to Collins’ current clients and in her role as Chair of the Giving USA Foundation Board.

Please join us in congratulating Kate and Aggie on their exciting new roles! As we move ahead, we look forward to doing even more great work with nonprofits in the Northwest and beyond.

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Sarah Barnes

As an Online Fundraising Consultant, Sarah Barnes works with organizations to optimize their online presence through analyzing data that ultimately reveals strategies for the future. In her work with clients, Sarah most values opportunities to review and assess online data from multiple channels such as an organization’s website, social media channels and email marketing initiatives, to inform decisions, as well as working closely with organizations to brainstorm and identify and optimize strategic online fundraising initiatives.